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Buddy, can you spare a duckweed?

Hi, there. I shall be moving my betta to an unfiltered 1.9 gallon in a day or two. I'm just too low-functioning disabled to take care of him in the Spec III he's in now. I need a tank I can do 100% water changes and scrub out regularly to help control allergies from various stuff that builds up in fishtanks. So I chose a medium Kritter Keeper. The bottom will be bare.
I already have an Anubias, a wee bit o' microsword in a pot, a smidgen of Crypt in a pot, a couple inches of Brazilian pennywort, a dime-sized ball of java moss I tied together, and a not-dead-yet sprig of Hydrotriche that will be going in the Kritter Keeper with him. I also have about a half-bunch of Cabomba, but I'm not sure if I want to also put that in there with him. It's really long and lush, and I don't want to fill the tank up so much with plants that he has no room to swim around. He's not very graceful as it is, much less so than other bettas I've had. He's basically a special needs HM EE. I was thinking that a fast-growing floating plant like duckweed would be an alternative to the Cabomba because it wouldn't take up near as much of the water column but would still soak up some ammonia and such.
What do other folks think about duckweed as an aid to filtering water? Don't worry, I'll be testing ammonia and doing a water change at the first sign, and I'll be doing a 100% water change once a week regardless. I like the thought that having plants in with him may buffer ammonia/nitrate/nitrite buildup for a couple of days so I don't have to change water every other day. I need things as simple as possible due to my limited function, so if folks on here think duckweed DOESN'T actually contribute much to biological filtration, then I won't bother with it.
If a majority here thinks it is worth having it in there, would someone be willing to mail me a few leaves of it to get me started? No special handling needed. The stuff is amazingly resiliant. I would pay for shipping of course. Via paypal is my preferred method.
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