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First Betta!!

Hi everyone! I just adopted my first betta fish yesterday. His name is Bill!

His tank:

(got it for $7 ). Nemo's not in there....I have a tall plant, a short plant, and this little rock structure thing he could swim through (he hasn't found it yet).

Is it normal for him to appear constantly flared? I don't want him to be stressed all of the time. I'm thinking he sees his reflection in the plastic.

His water is about 81 degrees F according to a food thermometer, but I do have a heater for the winter. He ate well today and is swimming around.

Any other tips on how to get him to settle in?
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Sena Hansler
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I suggest getting an actual thermometer, keeping it in there.

A new fish can act two ways... Shy, hiding, and unwilling to show off... Or flaring, showing off and readily eating.

Since it is a 4 gallon I suggest putting a heater in anyways, keeping it at 78. A heater will not heat the water, unless it passes the set temperature. I suggest starting it at 76, then slowly getting it up to 78 (since some heaters can be off temperature wise). This ensures there are little to no fluctuations during the nights (which cool down) and for colder, even rainy, days. I still have heaters in my tanks and one of them is sitting at 80 degrees, though the heater is set at 78.

Congrats on your new fish.
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-Don't overfeed

-Siphon out 15 to 20pct water a week as preventive maintenance

Do the above and he will live a long healthy life
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Congrats on the Betta Fish!
I too have just bought a Betta Fish and his name is Pluto.
I think your fish is just seeing his reflection or because he is in a new tank (with lots of room to swim in) he is just strutting to make sure everyone knows he is boss. My Betta did that too. He just likes to show off, give him a day
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