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there is a very very small amount. like .001% or something is copper.

@aokashi: My water comes from a limestone aquifer, so it's pretty hard. I don't have a test for that though, so I can't give an exact number. My water's PH holds steady at around 7.6 (it's right in between the two tests. normal gives a higher than 7.6 reading and high range gives a lower than 7.4 reading, so I tend to just assume it's around 7.6) so it's not too acidic either.
The loss(?) doesn't look like pitting or erosion, it's just smooth and clear and there's a lot of it. If it is new growth and not shell loss then it's putting out a LOT of new growth very, very quickly.
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Prospit's moving!
it was sitting on its back moving in and out of its shell very slowly for most of the day, and this evening I took a chance and righted it, and its now climbing slowly but steadily up the tank wall. The only thing concerning me is I don't see any antenae. could Altair have eaten them off?
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They don't always have their antennas out. Mine like to Carl with them retracted, barely poking out, or even on the sides of the body. I wouldn't worry too much, but just keep a lookout.
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crossposting from here to get any second opinions.

Looks like it's time to break out the hospital tank again, then. I'll get that set up tomorrow morning (move some plants and gravel over from the main tank should be okay?), and hopefully it's a water thing or something else fixable that isn't my little turd of a betta and I won't end up needing to set up a whole new tank a lot earlier than I'd wanted to. >.<
I've got planning for a 10-20-gal community in the works but my eta for it was october/december when my work season gets a break and I've time to do things before finals....but if need be and Prospit can hold on for another month-and-a-bit, though, I might be able to scrape something together before that...

Also going to try and remember to stop by the store tomorrow morning and grab some source of calcium.

The last couple of days, the snail has been a little more active, I've been crumbling algae wafers and dropping them in with a couple of sinking pellets to distract the betta(he ends up rolling around in the gravel trying to fight them, the fool), and I wonder if that might have made a difference, but last night and today, they (he/she/it how do you even figure that out.) have been back to lethargic sulking in the hollow under the driftwood.
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