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Betta not developing right?

Hey Guys, new to the forum but not fish. I've had fresh and brackish tanks for years, however I'm new to Betta's. My Wife got a Betta from Petco, it was labeled as a "Betta Baby" so not even sure exactly which one it's supposed to be. She got it in February, and while it's gotten bigger, mainly longer it (to me) doesn't seem to be developing right. It's back fins are barely noticeable and the front of his body seems to have gotten bigger but not the back. He also seems to swim a little weird, im sure thanks the the lack of real rear fins. Were feeding him flakes which we have to grind up to almost dust so he can eat them, I've also tried really mashed up blood worms, lately it seems he doesn't have much of an appetite. The tank is a 2.5g betta bow, heated and filtered, ph right around neutral and temp is usually around 74-76. Any ideas are much appreciated.
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Sena Hansler
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May have an issue with the spine. I've had one fry who had this issue, but I left him be and surprisingly... He grew the fastest, his spine evened out, and was probably one of the prettiest ones!

Be warned if you are not that lucky he may have to have a smaller, shallow and long tank to be more comfortable.

I'd also get the temperature up. For baby bettas (which is WHY I loathe the fact stores think they are smart to sell them) they need warm water. 78-85 is what mine grew up with. For that one, ease him/her up to 78/80.

WATER CHANGES: I suggest every day. Baby bettas also need LIVE FOODS to grow bigger, better, properly. microworms cultures are awesome, easier to culture and keep. Baby Brine Shrimp is harder but is also great for them.

The fact it is still the size of a 6 week fry is concerning if she has had it for that long.
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I find when juveniles/fry become malnourished they often start to show problems with the spine. This often clears up once the fish is receiving enough nutrition.

Your baby betta looks extremely emaciated. Baby bettas should have a very rounded stomach almost all the time as they are growing and need a high-protein diet to thrive.

As Sena has stated, you should look into culturing live foods. Baby brine shrimp and grindals are two great foods for putting size and condition on young bettas. If you are feeding a middling quality flake than this is not going to be doing much.

If you don't want to go that route I know there are two foods aimed at fry that may work such as Repashy and Golden Pearls. I think the latter has different sizes that you can choose from.

Also the temperature it too low for a betta. You want 78-82 degrees for any betta, particularly a juvenile. Low temperatures can impact the digestive system of bettas, slowing it down and causing constipation.
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