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Sena Hansler
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Post Nature of Things

This does not go for just Betta fish but any living, breathing animal.

The reason I wrote this, is because of someone and their two bearded dragons. A new baby beardie, and her older baby beardie who was twice the size. Despite people's great advice, the person says: "I'm just letting nature take it's course." That right there, set everyone off.

So if you hear someone mentioned "Mother Nature does that, why can't I?" or allowing nature to take it's course in something other than an elderly animal's peaceful passing, please mentioned this to them.

Mother Nature does things we frown upon in the practices of hobbies, and amongst hobbyists. Some think Mother Nature does things, that allow us to be absorbed in the ignorant bliss of sheer laziness. Letting "nature take it's course" without meaning the peaceful passing of an elderly animal, is WRONG. We have the skills, the brains, the emotional means to bring only greatness to our animal's lives. Please take a minute to read, you won't regret it.

We took away Mother Nature, when the first animals were captured. Over many years we have learned our mistakes, and come to realize with every passing day, every passing year, that WE are MOTHER NATURE. We became what we took away. We give them "sun", we give them "water", we supply their "food", we remove their "waste". Not in the same way Mother Nature does, but in the way we can, in order to keep them happy and health.

In the wild, the environment cares for itself. The soil absorbs, the plants release, the bugs produce - everything that the animal needs is right there. But even then, they pass away at an age almost always less than half of the age they can live in captivity.

We are the reason animals get hurt. We are the reason animals get well. We are the reason of whether or not they are sick or healthy. WE are MOTHER NATURE. We don't allow what the true mother nature does, because we have the human emotion that can make or break us.

Just take care of your animals! Though people can tell you something you should not do in the end it is YOU who has the last word. Just make your word count - and don't put personal pride before an animal's safety and wellbeing.
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Your saying was beautiful and i agree and understand, i am the same way love and appreciate everything around me , trying to save every little plant, every little life and not just let it be there. Unfortunately those people , some people don't have heart to understand or just simply don't care because it not important for them or very little in their lives. May be if they read what you wrote , they will have some love,importance,admiration for all that wonderful things around us in the world. Or simple it will come to them later as they get older and have more appreciation in the life.
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Reference Team
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Mother Nature is also rarely nice. Most animals don't just pass away quietly and without pain or stress. This is the gift domestication has given our pets. Or at least in an ideal world, should have.

You only need to flip on a nature channel and see how violent and cruel nature can be to animals, to realise that this isn't the sort of world you want to be framing your pet keeping around.

I absolutely abhor when people use the 'but it happens in nature' excuse to explain away their crappy pet keeping. Yes, and in nature many animals live short, brutal lives that would have you arrested for animal cruelty if you were to let the same thing occur with your pets.
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Agreed! It frustrates me when someone does something like that and simply says to let "nature take its course" when something can be done to help.
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Sena Hansler
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Now in breeding any fish nature might be a jerk and have the weak die young, the parent eat the babe... Even a larger sibling eat a small one! But, on that note we have the chance to get a larger survival rate, we remove the parent(s), and we hae medical supplies and info at our fingertips. ;)

Since we DO have the emotional and literal mental span we are a better version of morher nature, for our unnatural environment.
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