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Thank you all for your replies. I'm currently reading a book about freshwater aquariums, so hopefully it will help.

About heating the new tank, though:

If I put the betta in it before I turn on the heater, won't the gradual heating of the water be OK for acclimation, or do tank heaters heat the tank up very fast?

Thanks again for your help! I can't wait to set him (still haven't named him) free in a 10 gallon. ;)

Oh yeah, about the tankmates, I was thinking about the glofish...any suggestions there?
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in my experience with the heater i have now, they work pretty quickly unless the water is REALLLY cold, that might slow down the quick increase in heat, but then it isn't good for the fish. what I would do is when the tank is heated to the appropriate temp. put the betta in his old temp. water into a container or something you can float in the warmer temp water to get him acclimated (like you would do when first bringing home any fish) then when the floating one is acclimated then you can release him into the tank.

hopefully what i typed makes sense.

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When I brought home Theodore, the water in her cup was warmer than the water in her aquarium. I topped off her cup with the new water as soon as I began and got the rest of the tank set up. Then I poured out almost all the water in her cup and disposed of it, leaving just enough for her to get around. I then topped off her cup with water from the tank, let her sit for a few minutes and poured all that water through my hand and into an empty container, until she was in my hand and I slowly released her into the tank. She seems to be happy and healthy so far. (: Hope this helped. I'll be getting a 10 gallon for her soon with 6 Cories and 8 Neons. I'm sure she'll be a happy little fishy then.
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