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Old 11-13-2009, 11:03 PM   #41 
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Oh I must add I have just added a blue ram cichlid to my 5 gallon tank because he was getting picked on in my 29 gallon tank by some other fish, his tank mate unfortunately passed away so he was the only ram left. I put him in with my very easy going betta and they do great! But my siamese algae eater started to pick on the ram though (I think because both bottom feeders for the most part), so I switched the algae eater to my other 29 gallon tank because he is getting kinda big for a 5 gallon now anyway, which is probably why he was being a bully ;) So it all worked out in the end. But if you get rams I would get more then one because they seem to be pushovers when by themselves especially if you are having more then just a betta and rams in your tank.
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4 neon tetras and a snail, as Cody is very friendly
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I just put a snail in mine.
Kaz didn't seem to mind too much, although he did peck at the snail 1 time. otherwise, he leaves him alone - occasionally observing
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I put a pair of Blue Rams in with a sad lethargic betta, Spike. Spike perked up immediately and flared and chased the Rams. He was so happy. Then about a week later, the rams ate his fins

I've put a tank seperator in now and Spike has healed well.

Then I went to the fish store and saw a betta in with about 30 rams. He was chasing them all over and not a nip on him.

Sure hate that seperator, but don't think I can risk removing it!
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