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Old 11-20-2009, 12:18 AM   #1 
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Questions about tank and cycling etc.

Hi everyone. My questions are a little bit complex and I am looking for the best advice on what to do next. If you've been following I had three bettas one died yesterday...
Anyhow, I have the other two on that number 2 marycn stuff and they aren't in the tank anymore. I let the cycling start over, well at least I have tried to. I have the tank on marcyn one and two because the one who had the fungus and the one with the bacterial infection were both in the same tank (it's a ten gallon divided) right now, I have some tetras cycling for me.
Well, I was curious as to what to do with the cycling... I am getting some of that bacteria stuff in the mail soon. But do I need to change all of the water after the antibiodics are done? Do I need to have the bio filter in to do cycling? Do I start over when the antibiodics are over with all new water etc. I am not really sure. And then when should i begin to put the fish back into the tank? (two bettas)... I really have no idea how to cycle. My ammonia started at zero. two days ago it was .25 ppm (that is when i had the betta and the neons in) today it was .5 ppm so I took the betta out (he's pissed about it) because I thought it might be rising too fast to keep him in. My high PH has stayed at 7.4, the regular is at 7.2 and nitrates and nitrites are both 0.
Am I doing this all wrong? Please help, thanks!
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Here is an article about cycling. I think your filter will take the meds out of the water. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Your ammonia will appear, then your nitrite, then nitrate. What kind of test kit do you have? The API freshwater liquid master test kit is the one everyone recommends. The strips aren't accurate.
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okay thanks

that's the kit that i have. i bought the strips so that i had them until my test came but i use the api master test kit now.
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I am also wondering what ammonia level my fish can tolerate during the cycling process or is it best to leave them out for now? do i need to change the water completely after the meds and start the cycling over because it says it needs a biological filter and I had to take it out for the medications.
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Maracyn of any kind should be safe for the bio filter.

You will need to keep the filter in for cycling. It will eventually house at elast 75% of the nitrifying bacteria in your tank.

The API is an excellent master test kit. Good call.

Fish will tolerate ammonia of up to .5, but don't be afraid to change a bit of water to bring it down when it gets too high... it won't hamper your cycling process.
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