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Importance of a filter

Just want to get to the point: What are the pros and cons of having a filter and how important is it? Also, without one, how often should I change the tank water in a 5G.?

Long explanation:Okay, so someone I know has grown bored with their betta and offered her to me. Now, I'm sort of short on funds right now and might not be able to get her a filter for a few weeks (unless the town thrift store has one). Now, I'm debating between putting her in a spare tank I have and just waiting on a filter, or putting up a divider in either my male's (Serendipity's) tank or my female's (Snow Red) so she'd have the filtration. However, even that I don't feel great about because of the durability (or lack of) of dividers, I don't want to restrict their space, and Snow Red already killed all the fish in the sorority I tried to start so, if it breaks...
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I have filters in all of my tanks. I think it really helps with keeping things cleaner longer. You can go without one, that isn't a huge issue (imo) but you will need to do more cleaning. I would clean a 5g tank without a filter at least once a week (again that is my opinion and not a set rule). They do have small filter systems you can buy at Wal Mart that are under $10 if that helps you out. Good luck!
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+1 Kelli

Here's a good one with free shipping. I have the slightly larger version and am quite pleased.
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As long as you do the weekly water changes to remove the ammona, then you don't NEED a filter. One betta alone in a 5 gallon wont have a big bioload. However, in the long run its easier on you and healthier for the betta if the tank IS filtered...instead of removing ammonia, you would be removing nitrAte with the water changes and you need a much higher does of nitrate to be considered toxic then you would of ammonia. Ammonia you want to keep at 0 where as nitrate is under 40 (some people say 20). I have never seen mine even go up to 20 anyways.

when my 5G was unfiltered, I did one 50-70% a week and a 100% once a month. I added a tetra 10i to it though. current is a bit strong but I added some aquarium foam where the water flows out and some bushy plants by the filter.

just remember if you do get a filter, then you are going to be doing a fish-in cycle..which isnt really a bad thing, just be sure to keep up with the changes till the cycle completes.
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The advantage of having a filter is that the fish is not COMPLETELY dependent on you for it's day to day survival - the fish won't die if you don't change the water.
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Thank you all!
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