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Old 08-12-2013, 07:56 PM   #1 
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pH down - how much?

So I tested the pH with my new test kit, and poor betta boy's tank pH is 7.8!

I'm hoping to get his water down slowly to 7.2 or 7

His tank is a 3 gallon half-moon, only fake plants. I prepare his water in gallon jugs.

I bought some API pH DOWN today, but the instructions say 1/2 teaspoon to 25 gallons! I don't have a dropper or syringe to measure with... do I need to get one? How much should I use per single gallon (seriously, who makes their standard measurement as half teaspoons, or 25 gallons??) - and how do I measure this? I'm going to be putting it in his pre-treated water jugs, not pouring right into his tank, so I don't stress him too much.

Any advice here?
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7.8 is fine for bettas..

The pH down will just fluctuate the pH round and round, which will stress your betta out. It does way more harm then good.

If you still want to lower it; IAL, driftwood, and washed dried oak leaves will naturally soften it for you. (:
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Don't change it, that's my advice.

7.8 ain't bad at all! regularly Betta's are seen in tap up to 8.6 and as low as 5.5! They are extremely adaptable creatures and using chemicals to change pH level's is going to harm them more than being in a higher stable pH level. You see, those chemicals aren't guaranteed to work all the time and they do eventually wear off which means pH swings which are more detrimental to your Betta's health than being in a higher pH.

My sorority tank is regularly at 7.6-7.8 and I have had no problems whatsoever while my 10 gallon is sitting pretty at 5.5, again no problems. As long as the fish is acclimated well enough to the tap pH which your boy is, he will be just fine to be sitting handsome at 7.8

So don't change and keep it stable, that's what will be good for him
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