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Fickle Lacking control of one's emotions; marked by unpredictable behavior.: Oh wait that me! Readily changing (as by decomposing) in chemical or physical composition or in biological activity
All newly cycled tanks are unstable be it 2 gallons or 1000 gallons they are right on the edge. It's not until a aquarium matures that it becomes stable. There is a big difference. I have a 2 gallon SPECII that is cycled, stable and has less that 10 ppm nitrate gets one 25% water change aweek and has been running 8 months so size plays only a small part in it

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For anyone running an unfiltered small tank (and doing regular w/c) I'm curious to know how long your betta has lived there? Removing the filter would give more room for Fish to swim around, true.

I checked the pH of my tap water - it's close to 8. Bettas, as I understand it, prefer 6 - 7 (neutral pH). Anybody using chemicals to regulate pH, in addition to the water conditioner to control ammoia?
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I have 2 males in their own unfiltered heated 2.5g tanks. One has been in his for about 6 months swapped from a 10g because he didn't seem to use the space & the other in his for just a couple months when I moved the one that was in it to a 5.5g because he seemed to want more space. I don't remember the Ph of my tap because I haven't tested it in forever & its not something I worry about. I do know its in the 8's. The only issue I've seen with my hard water is some fin curling on my VT male.
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Okay, I'm feeling a bit easier about the smaller tank. I've ordered a second 5-gallon for another male betta (not got the fish yet - will wait to get the tank up and running first) and can keep the 5-gallon space-wise, and weight, beside the first 5-gallon. Had my heart set on 2 more bettas, so I think I will go get a female for the 2.5 gallon. Shorter tail. Don't want to breed bettas, just want to watch their lovely, graceful movement through the tanks.

I've moved the 2.5 to a table in the living-room. Fish-to-come can watch telly, or watch me watching telly in the evenings. Without a heater, the tank is about 78 degrees. I expect it would run colder overnight, and certainly will be colder in winter time. So I've hooked up a 7.5 watt heater to a timer, to see how warm it would be with lights out overnight. That way, the timer will monitor the on/off, assuming the tank would be at least 78 daytime without a heater running.

In terms of decoration for a 2.5 gallon - I've got 2 silk plants in the filter end (can't in all good conscience do without a filter, even if I do regular w/c). The silk plants mask the filter intake and also hide the heater cord. I've got a betta log for Fishie to hide in and a short silk plant behind that. There is gravel in the bottom of the tank.

Too much stuff for a small tank, or do you think that's okay? I know I've kept one betta in my first 5-gallon tank, and he's doing well. But this is my first time with a smaller tank, so I want to be sure it's okay before I actually put a fish in there to call it home.

I appreciate your replies! You all seem to know so much more than I do.
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Just came from the Petco. It sad out of 20 bettas left may be 2 are healthy , others look very sick. If you buy two bettas please quarantine each. Do not share anything between them and your other bettas in case it sick. Sometimes symptoms can show later. And actually i would not even shae anything between two new fish.
And even when you buy live plant sometimes , yes rarely, but can happen that plant can carry ich. So if you buy live plant be careful, and try at least quarantine it for 2 wk in the water without water conditioner. Check post #10

I also want to give you one link that i like you will find helpful information including best recommended food.Also not sure if anyone mentioned in that thread about frozen food. It enriched in protein and very good. Just need to be careful do not overfeed. Frozen blood worms and frozen daphnia are good.

When you do full water change make sure you acclimate your betta. You will find acclimation instruction in that thread .

As for the small tanks. Almost all my tanks are 2.5 gall . I have only one 5 gall tank. I have 10 bettas. Well 3 of them at work though. All my tanks uncycled. I don't have and never had filters . Well only one time when i had 10 gall long time ago.And my tanks at work are 1 gall tanks. I have one fish that is 5 years old in 2.5 gall tank, some of them 2 years old and i have 3 years old, etc... So it really matter of keep the water changes up . And i tell you that no matter how much you do right care the bettas still will have different life expectancy depending on many factors including the immune system . I had 2 bettas i bought at the same time and do the same care , one is 3 years old now and another one died long time ago. So...
2.5 gall is good size for the betta. Many people saying that it possible to cycle but it easy to crash the cycle in the small tanks. So i am the one who will not recommend to cycle 2.5 gall apparently my bettas live happy , healthy lives without filter. Make sure you acclimate them though. For 2.5 gall you can do 2-50% and 1-100% water change. Or you can do just full water changes every 5 days.

I never recommend very warm temp (warmer than 78*). I am going to copy some ones post that i am agree with

''The best IME is 76F-78F. Having the water warmer will make their lifespan shorter because they're growing so fast with all the heat. I say 80F as maximum if you want your Betta to live a little bit longer.''

And also the warmer is the temperature -more chance for the infections.

And for your 5 gall tank make sure you do 50% water changes weekly and you always can do more if you need to. Make sure you vacuum the gravel and swish/rinse filter in the tank water weekly. Filters can carry all kind of gunk ...So make sure you rinse it and if the cartridge becomes too old or starts to fall apart, put a new cartridge in the filter but keep the old one behind it for a few days and monitor for amonia spike.
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Thank you for the advice. I have had one betta happily living in a 5-gallon for 9 months so far. He is healthy and active. Feeding Hikari Bio-Gold pellets with occasional treat of Tetra BettaMin, which says it has, amongst other things, freeze dried brine shrimp.

I went to the fish store today and two bettas followed me home. Baggins has a blue brother (actually blue with sort of rainbow colors in his tail, depending on how the light hits him) whose name now is Barley. For now, he is in a 2.5 gallon filtered, under-gravel heated tank. Heater is off at the moment, as the tank temperature went over 80. It's a warm day here. I've ordered another Hydor Theo adjustable heater for that tank.

In another 2.5 gallon tank lives Beans, who is a small female. Tank is filtered, and has a Hydor Theo 25 watt adjustable heater. Both 2.5 gallon tanks have thermometers. Both fish seem to be doing well, but it is Day One.

Decided to bite the bullet and I've ordered two more 5-gallon tanks. When the tanks come and are up and running, Beans and Barley will be moved into their new spacious accommodation. I know 2.5 gallons (both Aqueon) seems like a palace compared to the tiny cubicles at the fish store, but I couldn't in all good conscience let them live forever in a 2.5 gallon. Although I will admit, they both seem to be doing just fine there, and both are fine with the filters.

I do appreciate the advice from other betta lovers here. Nice to know there is a "club" of us!

Have to tell you one story the fish guy told me at the store today: apparently a wedding party just past ordered 100 bettas to go in a "centrepiece" at their wedding feast. Presumably they gave bettas to the guests when they were done with them at the wedding. Poor fish!

Anyway, Beans and Barley are home now, a little earlier than I intended, but both look healthy. Fins crossed they do well in their new homes!
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Originally Posted by BagginsMom View Post

Too much stuff for a small tank...?
I'm one of those who think that hiding and exploring are more important than that last square inch of swimming room. In other words, there is rarely "too much stuff."
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100 bettas at wedding party is heart breaking. Just death penalty for most of them. I wish they put the menu about betta care.

Since you decide to cycle the tanks i am going to give you a few links to check it out about fish in cycle and water changes for the established tank. Check out the links. And you always can do more water changes though , it always good idea. Make sure that you rinse the cartridge in the tank water weakly. You don't even have to replace it often just rinse it with the tank water , when cartridge will be too old or falling apart just put new cartridge in the filter but keep the old one behind it for a week .
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