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So i just bought a betta fish and named him shark bait yesterday. His tank is rather small but i plan to buy him a large one this friday. How big should the tank be and what other fish can i put in there? I am currently feeding him betta tropical flakes but i read that i should feed them live food. What kind? Also i know that they like warmer water but any ideas on how to keep the water warm? And should i keep the tank near sunlight?
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He needs a 2-5 gallon tank, heater so the water temp is around 78*, flakes are fine, but pellets are better, give him blood worms once a week, do not put the tank near sun light, bettas dont like bright lights or even lights on their tank at all. How big your tank is determines if you can add other fish, but some bettas do not do well with other fish. Never put 2 bettas together.

What size tank is he in now? No matter what done keep him in the cup he came in, even putting him in a large glass kitchen bowl, or pitcher is better.

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New2Betas covered most of in. Also be aware that many live foods are available in frozen form. Hikari makes them in these blister packs sort of lke what gum or pills come in so they are really easy to feed. You can thaw pieces by popping them out, putting them in a fine net and running warm water over them until they melt. Then feed them with tweezers or a pipette.

You can feed your betta lots of different critters specially frozen by hikari such as

-Brine Shrimp
-Mysis Shrimp
-Tubifex worms
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