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Cycling and Water Changing questions

So I currently have a 2.5 gallon tank at home, and I am thinking about either getting another 2.5-3 gallon tank for my dorm room or possibly a 5 gallon tank. (Nothing is in my 2.5 gallon right now)

Can you cycle/maintain a proper cycle in a 2.5 gallon tank? How long will it take for a cycle to fully establish itself (I will probably use fish food method)? How many water changes will need to be done and how often? How much water will need to be changed out?

I know I can maintain a cycle in a 5 gallon...but how long will a 5 gallon tank to have a fully established cycle (probably using fish food method)? How often should I preform water changes? How much water should I change out?

Now I am not sure I am going to plant either of these, but in the event I decide to plant one or both...I have the same questions as above. Also both tanks will have filters.

Also can anyone recommend a good gravel vacuum/something to change the water with?
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Cycling a 2.5g takes almost the same time as for a 5g. In fact all tanks cycle in a bout the same amount of time regardless of size.

I understand from other posts what your logistics are. If it were up to me, I'd use a 5g at school and cycle it fish-in. That's so easy it's automatic (literally happens by itself unless you act to prevent it). Use the 2.5g at home uncycled with frequent water changes.

Having plants which process ammonia takes the load off the cycle bacteria.

Here are some detailed answers to your water change questions:

And more info about fish-in cycling:

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