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Few quick questions.

Hi there I am new to the site but I have had Betta's for awhile. Up until recently I was under the impression like many that they could be in small unheated tanks but this one is in a heated ten gallon tank and seems very happy.

Anyways my first question is, on his one fin he has this long almost milky white and very bright line on one of the strands...I wish I could get a good picture but it's not recognizing the file type from my camera phone. Anyways, I have tried medicating the water thinking it was a type of parasite, but it didn't go away...That's when I got the bigger tank to heat it (He was in a goldfish bowl) I tried asking at the pet store but they couldn't help me...And I noticed on many of their fish they had the same thing in the same place but not quite as bright. I'm worried it could be ich but I don't know. If anyone could help me out that would be great.

My second question is how to properly move a betta....In January I am moving about 1700 km's away to another province and I want Suki (my betta) to come with me...We were going to put him in a container and wrap a blanket or warm cloth around it and change the water at rest stops...Does this sound like it would work?

Thanks, and if anyone could answer these questions it would really help.


PS: is a pic of Suki. You can pretty clearly see in the bottom right corner the milky kinda fluorescant white strand in his fin

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Are you sure that it isn't part of his natural color? If not I can tell you it's probably not ich because it's a strand, not white dots. Most likely a parasite. If you find that it is a parasite (he's rubbing on objects and gravel) I'd treat it with BettaZing or BettaRevive . You can find BettaRevive here Hikari Betta Revive Health Aid at PETCO .

Not to sure on the moving situation though, sorry.
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