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Hello everyone, I purchased a Veiltail male Betta (Jebbie)from Petco last week. He is currently in a 1 gallon tank with gravel and plastic plants. I purchased a small care kit that came with food and something called Betta bowl essentials. The label instructed me to add 5ml which is half the bottle to the tank. I did this and a few days after the water in the tank became thick and my son's Betta started to behave funny. His tail has a tear in it and also some black spots, he is also floating at the top of the tank as if he's trying to get air and he is not eating. I'm new to this and I am a bit worried because I don't want my son's first pet to die because of me not taking care of him properly. Please help if you can. I changed the water yesterday and added three drops of the water essential to the tank, I am about to change the water again. What can I do to give this poor little guy a fighting chance? Any advice would be greatly appreciated..
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I just looked up what Betta bowl essentials is. The instructions says 5ml per quart, so for a gallon, you would need 20ml, I suggest you add more and refill the right amount everytime you do a water change.

The tear in his fins could be from the plastic plants, I suggest getting silk plants.

I'm not sure what the black spots are, can you upload pictures?

Bettas have special lungs that can take in oxygen from the air and water, so you will see them breathe at the surface.

New bettas tend to not eat the first few days since they are adjusting to the new environment, they can go a few days without food.

I suggest getting a slightly bigger tank unless you can keep up with the water changes. I think for 1 gallon, it's 2 or 3 100% changes a week
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Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the reply.. I will have to purchase another bottle of water conditioner, I'm going to let the water sit for 24 hours before I put him back into the tank. We don't have much space for a bigger tank at this moment so he will have to remain in the 1 gallon for a while. I'm going to remove the plastic plants and replace them with real ones (any suggestions?). I will try to upload a pic of him later, he definitely looks different now then when I first purchased him. He looks sick Thanks again for responding.
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If you don't have a heater in the tank put him in a warm room, change his water and don't forget to add the water conditioner. Make sure the water is the same temperature as the water he was in. If he is looking lethargic (clamped fins, sitting toward the bottom or top not moving much) stress may be a factor, you can try keeping the lights off or wrapping a black shirt around the tank to keep it dark, this will reduce stress. make sure all the items in the tank are thoroughly rinsed if you haven't done so already. Clean warm water will almost always improve a bettas health if they are not looking so hot.
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Get a good water conditioner like Prime. I think you will find it tricky to maintain live plants in a one gallon, but it could work if you find the right ones.
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Hello everyone,

Thanks again for all your answers and suggestions. I just wanted to give an update on Jebbie's condition. He has made a full recovery and is happily swimming around in his tank. He has started eating and I also added a live plant in his tank which he LOVES :) I've also been making it my duty to clean his tank at least twice a week. I am so elated with his progress so far :) When he starts to make his bubble nest then and only then will I know that he is happy to be apart of our family :)
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