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Old 08-08-2013, 02:04 PM   #1 
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Bitten by the Betta Bug!

I'm wibeke. I'm pretty new to betta keeping, but I'm pretty sure the bug has already taken hold. My mom is ready to kill me because I've blown almost all my money on what was supposed to be a cheap pet.

I currently own one betta, a chocolate (or pineapple? I'm not god at this, lol) VT named Tango. I've had him for about 6 months now, but up until a month ago I had no idea how to properly care for him. He spent the first few months living in a cold unfiltered .5 gallon "betta tank." I'm honestly surprised that he's still around with my *incredible* betta keeping skills.
He now has a heated, filtered 10 gallon tank all to himself and he's like a completely different fish. It's been a lot of fun watching his personality come out. His colors have gotten so much brighter, too. Within a week of being in the new tank he's gained some blue, iridescent scales!
The unappreciative little brat still insists on biting my fingers during water changes though. Sigh. He's lucky he's cute.

I've been doing as much research as possible to make my little guy happy, and I've learned a ton- especially from this forum. I figured it's about time I introduced myself.

And I know I can't talk about my betta without pictures, so here he is:
He has fin rot right now and I'm working on fixing it with AQ salt (hopefully going to buy some stress coat soon, right now my mom refuses to let me "blow" more money on my fish ), so please excuse his fins.
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Old 08-08-2013, 04:27 PM   #2 
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He's a pretty one :) I'm glad you found this website - there is a TON of information here and there's always someone around to answer any questions you might have.

With his fin rot just keep the water clean and warm, and don't use the AQ salt for more than 10 days (I think it is, it may be 14, someone else want to chime in on that?) without giving him a break in between doses. Usually just warm clean water will do the trick :) Thanks for sharing Tango with us!
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Old 08-08-2013, 04:30 PM   #3 
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Just double checked under the disease thread and it is 10 days max for a salt treatment :)
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Old 08-08-2013, 06:06 PM   #4 
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Location: Panem
Yes don't have him in salt for more than 10 days as it can cause tumours and other nasty issues ;)
Do you have a sponge filter? If not you should baffle the filter, here is an excellent link to a great thred :D
Trust me I understand about the mom and money thing lol. I wanted an aquarium so my mom suggested buying a betta as they would be a cheap way to see if I could care for a fish and if it died it was only $5 lost right? Hahaha prices on the fish I buy have gone up from $5 to $50 a fish lol. So much for cheap way to enter the fish world. But I am so glad I did, this is better than any big aquarium.
I wish you the best of luck! And that is a beauty you have on your hands!
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Old 08-17-2013, 07:19 PM   #5 
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Hello again. Thank you both for the welcome. :)
Sorry for not replying sooner, I was on vacation. Just figured i'd reply so you guys don't think I killed my fish, haha.

I'm aware that 10 days is the max for salt. I ended up treating him for 7 days. I was going to give him one or two more days to let his fins grow, but I forgot that I was leaving for the week. I figured he'd be fine and gave my dad instructions to take care of him.
I came back today and poor Tango's fins are shredded. It doesn't look like fin rot this time, I think he bit them off. I have a water bottle baffle on my filter, but it got unhinged at some point and the current started whipping him around. He must have chomped off his tail. It's really tattered looking and about half the length it was when I left him.

So back in the salt he goes. I also finally got some stress coat (got my dad to buy it for me xD), so I added that into his hospital tank. He seems pretty happy, otherwise. I checked for velvet and ich, and he's very active.
So hopefully he'll be out of his little hospital tank in a few days.

I'll get pictures and post in the diseases and emergencies section if anything comes up. I'm keeping my room dark and letting him rest right now, so there's not enough light for pictures.

Also, Tango says thank you. He knows he's pretty, haha. (and he'd look so much better with a full tail -glares-)
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Old 08-17-2013, 07:42 PM   #6 
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Location: Simi Valley, California
Sorry to hear about his fins! He is very handsome! I have a halfmoon male who eats his tail completely off. He looks so pitiful all the time, but is fat and happy otherwise. He just wishes he was a plakat haha. Just keep his water clean and warm still, and they'll grow back!
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Old 08-19-2013, 11:33 PM   #7 
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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Hello and welcome to the forum!
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