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mad betta?

I've had lots of bettas in the past, but hardly ever had them in with other fish because I had cichlids for a long time. I just got a dragonscale betta (short-tailed) for my 15gal long tank. The only other fish in there is 5 platies, which he's fine with. He's been here about a week and all he does is frantically swim up and down along the glass (front and back) trying to find a way out. I turned off the air stone thinking maybe he didn't like so much current, but of course there is still current from the filter. As for decor, there are lots of big rocks, a branch, and a few real plants and fake plants (hoping the real ones will spread). Is this just his personality, or should I maybe move him to an actual betta bowl for him to calm down?
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Seeing as he has short fins the outflow from the filter can't be a big stresser, or it could. You could always try baffling it :) maybe he wants privacy
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My dragonscale plakat patrols his tank too. Plakats are usually more hyper then other types. As long as he doesn't do it 24/7, and he is eating I wouldn't worry about it.
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My DSPK will do that sometimes as well, it's not unusual like Caleston said, so long as he isn't doing that 24/7 and eating, he should be fine.
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