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i really think he looks fine. It his normal coloration. I think many blue bettas looks like that. How he acting? Is there any changes ? Don't worry that he don't make the bubble nest it not change to health problem.But is he darting, scratching? His fins looks fine the are not clumped . Is he less active? Sitting on the bottom of the tank longer then usually? Any other symptoms.
If he don't have any symptoms just keep eye on him . He looks fine.
Still trying to eat pellets and spitting them?
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So I had made a topic on the disease section. But I posted the pics and they said maybe. Unfortunately (with a failed attempt at Walmart this morning) I cant get my hands on a good heater that would work for a 1 gallon. His tank has been consistently at 78 now though. So its not too bad. I did have a towel wrapped around his tank to keep it dark for him. Not only for the possible velvet though, I thought he might need some dark to de-stress from being in that bag for so long for the transition of the water yesterday.

He is acting a little better this morning actually, after he has the tank wrapped up and dark. When I move the towel to check the thermometer he is normally near the front or moving around, opposed to sitting near the top by the back of the tank like he was doing.

I dont really think he's darting.

I did learn at Petco that they are only feeding their bettas blood worms (perhaps this is common knowledge and im the only one who didnt know. Though when I asked a different day, the girl I asked didnt know.) He is still spitting his pellets, but I tried a freeze dried blood worm and he gobbled it right up.No wonder he is so freakin picky. So maybe he hasnt been eating as much as I thought (though I know he at least ate a little flakes). Would lack of nourishment or diet change like that affect his color to the extent of the pictures?

Im going to do the Lifeguard treatment, as it says it can be used as a preventive as well.
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