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Old 09-02-2013, 03:09 AM   #1 
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Join Date: Sep 2013
Male betta in 20G high community tank?

The tank has 4 ghost shrimp
1 platy
6 neon tetras
6 harlequins
4 albino corys

I also have a 50G aquaclear filter. How will lets say a half moon do?
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It really depends on the betta. Mine will not tolerate any tankmates other than snails--he killed seven tetras in two days when I tried. :-/
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Yup, it might work beautifully, or it might be a disaster. There's really only one way to find out....

I would only try it if you have a backup plan for the betta.
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Betta has to be docile enough to not harass your other fish too much but also has to be aggressive enough to compete for food with those fast moving fish.
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Yeah, every betta is different when it comes to temperament, and how it acts in a store cup may not reflect its true personality when it gets into a tank. For example, when I first picked up Romeo, he was extremely active in the cup, flaring at the other bettas and swimming around. In the community tank, he's very peaceful with the cories, although I have seen him flare and chase on occasion. It's usually pretty short-lived as cories are far too fast and have a lot of places to hide.

My other two halfmoons could NEVER go in a community tank. They were docile in their cups, but in the divided tank, my word, they're active all the time and pretty darn aggressive.

Just be sure you have a backup plan in case the betta doesn't work out in the community tank. :) Good luck!
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