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Indigo Fish
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Microbe-Lift Herbtana

So I was down at my lfs today re-stocking my supplies. My fish are typically pretty healthy but since I've been getting some new bettas I realized it's been a few years since I've needed to treat for Ich or anything. So anything I already had on hand is probably expired and no good anymore. Anyways while I was perusing the shelves another customer started telling me about how the only thing they use to treat for parasites anymore is this Herbtana stuff that's supposed to be an "herbal immune enhancing stimulant". My main problem is that I can't find anything on the label for what exactly is in it.

I know Melafix is supposed to be badnews for a betta's labyrinth organ, anyone know if this Herbtana stuff is safe or is it pretty much the same thing?
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Reference Team
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I have used Microbe-Lift products in the past (fertilisers) and found them to work well, but this product kind of makes me suspicious as I can't really find any information about what is actually in it based on a quick Google search.

Only certain medications will actually kill ich/velvet. Copper, formalin and malachite green seem to be the most commonly used ingredients in anti-parasite medications.

Often, there is nothing better for the immune system of a fish than clean water and good quality food. Unless you can find out what exactly is in it, I probably wouldn't waste the money on it.
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Indigo Fish
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Yeah even reviews on it seem to be hard to find. I keep finding stuff about the marine version, and conflicting statements about if it even works at all or not. And again since it claims to be herbal but won't tell you specifically what's in it bothers me. I'd love to stock safe, natural products. But the problem is it needs to be safe, and work.
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