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Female Ovaries

Okay, so a question I thought of; Do or can ovaries shrink when not in use? Or is that silly? The reason I ask is because one of my girls; Amara seems to have lost her ovaries and I can't find them. There is also no shape of the ovaries when I look above from her, just the round of her stomach and then skinny from there to her tail. So I'm just slightly confused by her and I'm pretty sure that ovaries usually aren't transparent either? Or maybe I'm just missing them so here's some pictures.

From when I first got her, you can clearly see them and the shape on her body:

A few weeks later, you can still see the shadow:

And this from only two or three weeks ago:

And these two are from today:

No shadow of ovaries....soooo where'd they go? I know the Fish Fairy didn't come and switch out my fish lol so is it possible they could just shrink when she's not around males or something? None of my other females have done this, or could it possibly be that she's turning male? I know that can rarely happen but might this be one of those times? She still acts female and doesn't bother any of the other girls so don't really know what's been up with her! If anyone has any insights, that'd be great!

Thanks all!
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Blue Fish
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I don't believe that fish can change gender. I know what you're talking about, but I believe that's almost exclusive to amphibians and reptiles...I think. Not absolutely certain, but fairly sure. :) But if I'm wrong, maybe someone can correct me? I'm curious now. :)

Also, I know that ovaries in mammals do not shrink or atrophy, they're not like muscles. I don't believe organs typically atrophy like that from lack of use. Organs will enlarge when under stress...but they don't usually waste away or get smaller. She looks like her color is deepening/changing somewhat, so maybe it's becoming harder to see them as time goes by? Also, with a thicker layer of fat (as she grows and her overall condition improves in you care) around them, they would also be harder to see. I still see what looks like a shadow, not as pronounced, but still there, which could go back to her being more vibrant and a darker orange now than the very light pineapple she was before.
One more option, is she eggier now than previously? Possibly carrying eggs would also help to obscure them? Total guess on my part. :)

She's a *cute* girl though, and I love how her color is turning out! I'm really partial to that coppery-orange color, and she's got beautiful pearly accents. :)
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Thanks Blue_Fish.

The thing is, she has not grown since in my care and is not at all eggy or fatter than when I got her lol. If anything she was fatter when I got her than she is now which puzzles me as to why I can't see her ovaries.

Like many of my girls she stresses during water changes and then will color up later on and during neither period can I see her ovaries. I also figured it might be her coloring up but even when she's fully colored up, I can still see through her....sooo idk!

I've had her for about two months now if I remember correctly and she wasn't the fish we won in the auction although I was not the one to initially buy her. But either way, guess it doesn't matter.

Is it possible for ovaries to become transparent then? I've never seen transparent ovaries of course, but even still there is absolutely no shape of the ovaries either where on regular females you can see the cone shape behind the stomach.
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