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Wild betta questions

One day (not any time soon) I wnat to have a habitat so I keep keep multiple bettas together and replicate their natural environment.
I was thinking a tank 30 feet long. 10 wide and 9 feet tall (with only 4 feet of water). I would like it to have a dry side that is 4 feet wide, and 30 feet long, this would be for animals that are found in tailland like frogs and lizards that are native around rice paddies. I would have thousands of plants in their so the bettas wouldn't fight. I would also have driftwood and rocks/boulders in their. Their would be tropical plants on dry part and vines going over the water, it would be like a tropical environment.

So I want to make it like a wild environment, what would I feed these bettas? I would not feed them pellets, I would feed them shrimp, worms, etc... Live food only?

What other fish live with bettas in the wild?

Is there any lizards/snakes/frogs/newts/toads/frogs/etc that live around this area?

If I did this I would wnat the bettas to naturally reproduce so what would a ratio be for males to females? More females or more males? How much bettas could go in this max?
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Are you planning on using domesticated splendens or wild splendens for this hypothetical tank?

If you are housing a group of splendens complex fish (such as imbellis, mahachai, smaragdina, wild splendens etc.) you would not require such a large tank. I don't think you would even see your bettas if you had a 30ft tank. God I manage to lose my wild bettas for days at a time and they are only in 10 gallon tanks.

Say you had something like a 3ft tank, you could easily reproduce a wild betta biotope. A harem where there is one male with a group of females would probably be better than multiple pairs. I find having other males around can interfere with the breeding process.

There are plenty of resources out there that list fish and invertebrate that share their waters with wild bettas. Seriouslyfish and Mongabay offer a lot of useful information.

Personally, I think pellets are a good staple for any fish. Some of my fish will only take live/frozen foods and not only do I worry about getting the balance of nutrients right, but it is more expensive and much more of a hassle feeding that way.
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