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Betta's for Adoption

Hey all, as most of you know, I've got a few too many fish....just look at the signature haha So I have a few who need to go up for adoption that I can no longer take care of and want to go to a good hope.

I do have a few stipulations though:

Your tank needs to be:
  • 2.5 gallons or bigger
  • Heated
  • Filter is optional

So if you want one of my two boys, or both, you just need to pay shipping costs. 3 Day Priority is around 6-7 dollars depending on weight, if you want 2 Day Express it's going to be the usual 35 dollars although the flat rate box may be cheaper so I'll have to look into that if you want it. Same goes for 1 Day Express.

I generally ship on Tuesdays. I have paypal and will accept money through the mail.

I don't require you to have either New Life Spectrum or Omega One for foods but they would be highly appreciated by my fish if you could. Frozen foods are also readily accepted and loved.

Who went from this:

To this:

Male Veiltail (VT)
Wild Type Coloration
Currently lives in a 2.5 no substrate and fake plants
Owned for 3 months now and looks to be roughly 7-9 months old.
Currently eat's NLS Betta Formula
Specialty: Will only eat ONE NLS pellet at a time, if he eats too fast he will spit them all back up and refuse to eat.
Issues: Anal fin is still healing up as well as his ventral's and caudal is growing out. Beard sticks out a little from ammonia poisoning in his cup from the store. Eye's also bug out a little but it's normal, not pop-eye.
Personality: Rather secluded but loves your attention. Loves to flare at the camera and likes water changing time. Finicky eater. Has not been in a split tank but doesn't seem to mind other males. Will flare but after a week or so he get's bored of it.

A younger picture:

And how he looks more now:

Male Double Tail (DT)
Bi-color (yellow/black)
Currently lives in a planted 3 gallon, filtered
Owned for 7 months, roughly 10 months old
Currently eat's NLS Betta Formula and Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets
Specialties: Freaks out bad during water changes but this is normal and to be expected, he will continue on with life after a few minutes and he calms down. He's always done this since day one.
Issues: Caudal has some interesting rot on it, simply to be cured with clean water but as I've mentioned, I don't have much time. You can see the blackened edges on the second picture but he does have natural black edging as well passed the cellophane and yellow fins.
Personality: Loves to flare at your finger, takes a while for him to trust you but when he does; he's like a dog. Very loving and easy going, flares at other Betta's but doesn't mind to be in a split tank. Hates the camera and will run to hide.

So if anyone wants to adopt these boy's please let me know! You can speak up here and then I'll PM you later or you can just PM me, whatever works for you.
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Old 09-11-2013, 08:25 AM   #2 
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Ditto has found a home with a member here and will be soon on his way!

Gambit tentatively has a home at the moment, working some things out.

Thank you all who have looked at my thread and PM'd me! I do appreciate the help.
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Old 09-11-2013, 01:31 PM   #3 
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Ditto is very pretty. Congrats on finding homes
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Old 09-12-2013, 05:01 PM   #4 
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Location: Rhode Island
Both boy's have found a home now! Thank you all who looked and PM'd me, I really appreciate it!
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My camera has taken a crap and takes really bad pictures anymore, not sure why, but here's some pics of Gambit when I got him ready for acclimation
Attached Images
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