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I was a betta owner and I have learned A LOT about fish since I have owned a betta. I used to feed my betta Top Fin Betta Bits. They are pellets and my bettas loved them. I sometimes feed them some Freeze Dried Bloodworms and my bettas went crazy for them! Make sure you have Water Conditioner! A 2 gallon is really good for a betta but to tell you the truth, my bettas did just fine without a heater. They will love the heater though. Betta's like hiding places
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I've always been happy with the Jungle Brand Water Conditioner aka Start Right...experiment with lots of foods early. My one betta will eat: live crickets, live black worms, freeze dried and frozen blood worms, flake food, algae wafers, krill...but not betta pellets, hahaha!
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I think Angelic covered it all. Now it's just a matter of designing your tank. I prefer silk plants with fairly large leaves bc there are no sharp edges and most of my bettas love to sleep in the leaves.

Welcome to the forum and the betta addiction :)
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My brother and I swear by Prime conditioner. We both use it in our tanks (his tank is a mixture of fish, mine just Bettas)

I have live plants in all my tanks (some planted, some floating) and my fish love hiding in there, and darting around playing hide and seek with me :P I've never had silk plants, but will be getting some for one of my tanks most likely.

The only issue I've had with my live plants is finding the balance with the light -- too long and I get algae, not long enough and the plants start to die :S

But I think AngelicScars covered everything :)
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There's one more little thing you may want to consider. This woman is amazing, if I remember correctly her name is Heather Granger and she's got good stuff for betta-care and breeding. God forbid your betta ever get sick (but it's good to be well armed for the worst) especially if you intend to breed/buy multiple betta. This is her site ;) and she sells a medical kit that cares for fin-rot, pop-eye, inflamed gils, bacterial and fungal infection, ick, velvet, and external/internal parasites. >w<
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Do you have a filter?
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