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DIY Baffle Not Working

Someone please help. I have had my Betta for a week and I have this filter. I was reading that filter's are really good for the tank, but the current is too strong for him. I saw that you can make baffles, but in my 2.5 gallon tank it still does not make a difference. Now Dante just sits in the corner opposite of the filter. Any suggestions? I do not want to replace the filter, so other ideas would be nice. If worse comes to worse, I will do whatever for my baby!

Thank you
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You may have to go without a filter. Betta fish don't always do well with one because of their long fins and small tanks can make the flow a lot worse for them then it would be in a bigger tank. You can do well without one if you do enough water changes. You could do 2 50% changes and 1 100% change a week and that will help not having a filter. Adding live plants will work nicely in the place of a filter, then you don't have to do a 100% change during the week. Get a water testing kit so you can test your levels of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. Ammonia should always be at 0, so if it's ever above 0, do a water change. I'm sorry, but I can never remember which of the other 2 are good and bad (I'm not at home and using a mobile device, otherwise I would check), but the one that is bad should also always unbend at 0, the other can go up to about 20 or so.
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Thank you. It is the Nitrite level I believe that has to be zero. I just got a kit a few days ago and if I recall, that is what they said.
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Ammonia-0, nitrites-0, nitrates 5-15. Get a 10G tank if you want to keep the filter. Or an internal bubble filter, but every thing included would cost what a 10g would. I just got a 10g tank only for $13,no extras.

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As Marshall said, you can either use a sponge filter (bubble filter), or you can use aquarium sponging to baffle your filter. I'm assuming you tried the water bottle method? I couldn't get that one to slow my filter down well enough either.

The other method is to take our your carbon cartridge, and stuff the space full of aquarium sponging. Then take *more* sponging, and rubberband it to the outflow on your filter, letting the bottom hang down into the water. This will almost always stop your filter current to the point that the betta can handle it. :)

If you've got a big enough tank to cycle, your life and your beta's life will be better with a filter. Your water changes will be less quantity and less frequent, and his ammonia/nitrite level will always be zero, no creeping up between water changes. Not to mention the lesser stress of not having to go through 100% changes.

If you can't baffle your filter enough, I highly recommend a sponge filter. They're fantastic for bettas, and you can buy one for about 10-15$, so they're cheap. :)
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Originally Posted by marshallsea View Post
Get a 10G tank if you want to keep the filter.

Much better than the advice I was going to give.
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