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Pop Puffer
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Betta questions

Am I able to keep betta fish in a tank with a running bubbler? I also need to know if you can put any kind of heater that works (not some piece of junk the petco or something try's to sell you) in a 2 1/2 gallon tank. I have had finster (My betta) In a 1/2 gallon tank until I read that they need bigger tanks.


Here is a picture of Finster.
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If your fish likes the bubbler then sure, it's fine. As far as a heater goes there are many heater threads in the habitat and decor forum that offer some good suggestions. I have an adjustable 100watt from Aqueon , another adjustable 100watt (cant remember the brand) and a non adjustable 2 -5 galllon heater from Top Fin. They all do what they're supposed to do for me. And beautiful fish. I love his color.
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Bubbler should be fine.

A Hydor Theo heater is small and they usually work. Some have had trouble with them heating a little hotter than they are set, but the 3 that I've used so far have been fine. It's important to have a thermometer to check the water temperature anytime you use any heater.
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I don't see what the issue is with a cheap heater from PetCo... really? This is a small tank and it won't take much to heat it.

On that note I do prefer and recommend only 2 types. #1 The type that maintains a temperature at around 78F (the smaller topfin one does the job and is short enough for a lot of 2 gallon tanks.). This is really my second choice - I only use it where I can't fit the height of the next type I'm about to tell you. #2 The type that's adjustable. Usually these start at 50 watts +. It's more than you need but it's adjustable which means if your betta gets sick you can up the temp or just keep him a temp he seems most comfortable in. These are often kind of tall to fit in many ~2 gallon tanks, so measure twice, cut once.. wait don't cut (wrong metaphor).

What I absolutely do not like (and find useless) are flat small heaters that maintain temperatures +/- to room temperature. Some of them are +5F to ambient temp. So what happens if your household heater goes out and the ambient temp is in the 60s? That's a cold unhappy clamped lethargic betta. So what if your house is like mine? The ambient temp of the bedroom where some of my bettas are is never below 80F. Well that would be acceptable (85) but hotter than I want to keep my bettas (increases their metabolism) and makes for almost daily water top offs (evaporation is something I fight with daily already).
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Also, with the bubbler you can always add a small sponge filter ;)
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