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Exclamation columnaris?

i was out and about all day today and when i got home i found my betta (his name is teddy) all lethargic and at the bottom. i thought that he could be cold so i put a lamp near him.
later i noticed he had developed white fuzz all over him. and he was getting red around the mouth area. he also sorta twitches every once and a while. he wont eat either.
i found information on this site about columnaris which im pretty sure he has: and i did what it said. i put him in a different tank, checked the water, then added aquarium salt and made the temperature 74 degrees.

im going to attach a picture for you to see. any suggestions? that site also said to get Maracyn. will this help?

thanks so much

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It is most likely columnaris if your fish did not have any previous fungus usually onsets with an injury on the fish. The salt baths are good, looks like you caught it early. The maracyn is said to help, as well as tetracycline...I think tetracycline is supposed to be more effective if I remember correctly. I would see how the salt works if there is no improvement then treat with meds...make sure your tank is aerated because meds can consume oxygen from the water. Be VERY careful giving the correct dose, as too much can case death of a fish. So just follow the directions very carefully.
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Okay it looks like columnaris but I am not sure... in any case it definitely appears ot be a bacterial infection and I recommend hitting it with a broad-spectrum antibiotic, either

a) Tetracycline
b) A combination of Maracyn and Maracyn 2.

In most cases applying aquarium salt is a good, conservative approach but columnaris spreads unusually fast so I recommend medicating him ASAP. If the tank is smaller than 10g you can dilute powder medications with water in order to measure out the correct doses. Keep the temperature at the current level, since bacteria spreads faster in temperatures of above 76 and be very diligent about water changes. I'm not sure how big your tank is but you will want to change it twice the recommeded amount.
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Old 01-02-2010, 01:05 AM   #4 
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he didnt make it past the second day. i was told to get him revive and i did. as i gave it to him he wasnt strong enough to make it through. but the medicine would of helped if he held out a little longer because his sores went away before i buried him. :(. rip teddy.
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I'm so sorry about Teddy! RIP Teddy.
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