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Old 09-11-2013, 11:51 PM   #11 
Blue Fish
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Okay, if you're going to spend 8$ on a 3g critter keeper, have you considered just getting a 10-12$ 10g tank at walmart/petco/petsmart? You're getting a lot more room, you can put a hood on it if you want since it's a regular tank, and you can easily filter/heat it without any issues.

I don't have any problems with the KK's, I've used them before, but for the price, I want as big a tank as I can get for money. I've just found them to not be a great value in terms of gallons/price ratio when compared to a cheap 10g. :)

Just wanted to point that out as an option, though either one will work for you, it's just personal preference on your part. :) No harm, no foul whatever you decide. :)

But really... lol... I started with 10g's then upgraded to 20 longs (and with the petco 1$/g sale you can't go wrong!) and divided them and ended up realizing they were my preference. :) Everyone has lots of room, it's just one heater and one filter...and life is so nice. ;)

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I have looked at the 10g. Te problem I run into with those is you have to purchase a hood (all my boys are jumpers). The good takes the price up pretty quickly as I have found that they tend to be the more expensive part. Plus I would need to buy a larger filter. Right now I have everything needed for a 5g but no larger (which is why I am looking at the kritter keepers).

Eventually I would want to upgrade Razz to a bigger acrylic aquarium. Money is just tight right now and will be until I pay to compete with my horse in the middle of October (it amazes me how expensive horses are but love them and couldn't give them up!).
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Old 09-12-2013, 07:48 AM   #13 
TFK Moderator
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Just a thought, but you can always rig up a "hood" with either craft mesh or you can use saran wrap, it's a little more of a pain but it works! With Betta's you don't necessarily need a bigger filter since their bio-load is actually pretty small and then while the tank is cycling anyway you'll have to do frequent water changes but the BB will only grow to compensate your one boy which means, it doesn't need a lot of space to grow and colonize so any filter will potentially work.

Just a thought but whatever you feel like you can handle, totally go for! There's always time later on!
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I have a 1.75 KK that I used to house an impulse purchase betta. It's now empty and I think it will be used mainly as a hospital tank...although it's very tempting to get another betta to fill it with. However, I feel pretty badly thinking about a betta living there for its lifespan. I'd really rather go for the 2.5 gallons that PetSmart has, or the 3 gallon KK.
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Old 09-13-2013, 04:58 PM   #15 
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Price points:
Kritter Keeper-x-Large(6gallon)-$11 includes lid
Cheapest 10 g tank at Wal-Mart $14
cheapest 10g light hood-All Glass Company incandescent hood(replace w/CFL) $20

OR versa top $14 and light strip $18

Either way:
6g KK $11
10g tank $34-$46

I recently contacted Lees Pets (makers of KK) and requested they make a KK top with a much larger acrylic window(KK top) to allow the use of a strip light or desk lamp. Perhaps if they heard it enough they will do it?

I have a slew of 10G tanks and honestly I like a smaller tank for my betta males. Something smaller and more manageable that I can fill with plants and a small sponge filter. The KK fits the bill.

They have the full acrylic tops on their herp containers why not KK's?

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