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African Dwarf Frog, Kermit, Died.

I'm really not sure what happened. I originally had two ADFs in my tank, but Monday, I added in Kermit, who much much, much smaller than the other guys. I just figured he was a baby.

Anyway, I never actually saw the little guy eat, but when I came home last night, he was floating on the top of my tank. It was alarming, but when I looked it up, I found tons of information out there that says its perfectly normal for ADFs to float on the top. So, I let him go for a while, but it freaked me out, so I tried tapping on the glass. He didn't move. So, I stuck my finger in the tank and tapped on HIM. He still didn't move. My other two frogs would have swam so fast back to the bottom by this time, but he just stayed there. The good thing was, he was obviously alive at this point. I waited a while, but I decided that maybe he was starving, so I took the little guy out of the tank, put him in a little bowl and surrounded him with food, practically hand feeding him. He still was not eating or moving around much, and mostly just floating at the top.

So, I put him back in the tank. He still wasn't moving around a lot, or eating, and was floating at the top a lot. However, today when I looked in the tank, he was lying belly up on the gravel, perfectly still. He's just gone.

What do you think happened? My other two frogs seem perfectly happy. They are twice his size, and hop around all the time.

I know this is a betta board. That said, does anyone know of any good forums for ADFs?
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I don't know how successful you were with your other ADFs, but my experience with them was kinda sad too. I found they were kinda fragile. Mine lasted only a few months. :(

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I'm so sorry about your ADF! Here is a profie with some info that hopefully will answer some of your questions.

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