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Please Help!

Ok, my friend called me and said something was wrong with her new Betta. (Bought him 3 days ago)

She said that he was sitting there doing nothing and resting at the bottom and then started twisting and turning and flipping around (Nose to tail type twisting) and then he froze. She thought he was dead because he floated to the top in a frozen position but then floated to the bottom and then his gills started to move so he wasn't dead but then his ventral? fin -fell off-! Just one of them.

I don't have any water chemstry numbers, the conditioner used is API brand, he has been in colder water because stupid me didn't think about the fact her house is cold but I was planning to put in an order for a heater tomorrow, he is in a 1 gallon tank, no chemicals or sprays have been used in the room with him, he of course isn't kept with other fish, ect so I'm not really sure what to tell her? Has anyone ever experienced this before?

She said he stopped moving again and then started twitching and is still twitching.

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I forgot to add, she added two small pinches of aquarium salt (API brand) to his tank when she got him because he had a little spot on him that I didn't notice until we were in the car coming home so I told her to add a bit of salt in case it was ich.

She said he looks like he is trying to move now but can't. :/

Also he hasn't eaten since she got him. She has tried small pellet foods (Aqueon brand) and freeze dried blood worms. (Tetra I believe)
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Sounds to me like there might be issues with the temp, the water is probably too cold, mixed with poor water quality. Twitching, Gasping, Rotting Fins and such can all be linked to very poor water quality. Is there a Filter? Has she done any water changes? Does she clean out the food that he doesn't eat? It really doesn't sound like he's doing well at all! I would give him a big water change and get him somewhere warm! Add some stresszyme or garlic guard if you can get it, to the water, give him some kind of big leafy plant to rest on. If he makes it through the night get him a heater, a filter and a bigger tank, they need at least 2 gallons!
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She is off the phone with me now, she said she is pretty sure he is dead and would update me tomorrow afternoon when she gets home from school. I told her if he is I'll take her to get another fish.

I've been googling around to try and find something but all I found was one post on Monster Fish about someones Betta doing something similar.

I did have her do a water change when we were talking on the phone but while she was doing it I think is when she realized he was dead. She was scooping him out of the tank with the cup he came in and I think realized he was gone but she switched out the water anyways just in case.

The last water change he had was like Monday so it's not like he was sitting in gross, old water. My Betta is in the same size tank (Mind you kept in a room that stays at a steady 78 degrees and he has a lamp over him during the day so that alone plays a big role in keeping a happy and healthy fish since her house is kept at like 69 degrees) and his water is fine being switched out every 3 days. I was going to give her a 10 gallon and a heater but her mom doesn't want anything bigger so I was going to get her a small heater but we don't have anything locally so I have to wait for shipping and whatnot. I would have ordered it the other day but I had to wait for some stuff to go through to see what I had left in my bank.

I feel terrible because none of the fish really looked that great in the store but she wanted one so bad (She isn't allowed to have pets and her mom finally agreed to a Betta so that is what I got her for (late) Christmas) that I impulsivly bought the first one I thought she would like the best and now it has gone and died on her and she is calling herself a fish killer. :(
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I agree with Zenandra.

Salt will also burn fish if it's not dissolved into the water. You can't just shake it on him like he is a hard-boiled egg.

It sounds like he died from poor water quality. She shouldn't blame herself. Pet stores give awful advice. Tell her to join here and read up before she tries again.
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