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Fish (BOB) looks like its dying help!

Well I got BOB as gift he has always been in a vase like tank but without the plant, he was in that for about 2 years then i got him one just like it but bigger and he was in that for about 6 or so months, well about a month ago i go him a nice glass bowl to put him in and all of a sudden this week he seemed to stop eating and stayign at the bottom alot....Today I noticed he only moves if i touch him and he is staying at the bottom almost on his back i researched alittle, and i think he may have ammonia poisoning, he has the red tint on his gills and tips of his front fins, that was one of the signs, i chekced the ph and water chemicals and everthing.......i also changed his water, the new water has ph of about 6.8-7.2, chlorine is 0, hardness is 0, i dont know what else to do.........could he just be old? How lonmg do they normally live? he is almost 4!!!!!
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Could well be amonia posioning. What was your reading for amonia?

If amonia is present do a series of small water changes, 25% daily is what I would recommend until the amonia dispears. Keep an eye on nitrate and nitrite as well.

His lehtargy could be due to his water being too cold. What temperature is it? Bettas need temps in the high 70s so a heater is usually needed.
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Old 01-08-2010, 11:11 AM   #3 
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Bettas actually like even warmer water than 70's. More like 78 to 80 makes them happy. Their life span is 2 to 6 years, but generally 3 is average. I also agree with everything Falina said. Also it is a misconception that keeping them in a bowl is okay. Although they are hardy and can survive it, they thrive in a filtered heated aquarium of 10gls with live plants and a cave or hiding place so that they have tons of places to hide. They are tropical mud fish, after all. Good luck to your little fishy :)
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This thread is over 2 years old.
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