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since i joined after christmas i didnt get a chance to join in since im new ! i got alot of things for christmas (:

fish related: a new betta since my other betta died months ago (mr marshmallow is the new one, i know most of you saw the pic hehe), and a new tank for my high fin platy named monty.

non fish related: this is going to be

new phone - samsung reclaim go green phone (got it with my mom's rebate discount because my oher phone broke and it was cheaper, completely unplanned)

a 2008 computer my dad finally gave to me - definitely needed it since the one i was using before was a 2001. an had to get a new printer cuz the one i have was 2001 as well and the plug in is outdated.

roxy jacket, fox sweater shirt, volcom sweater shirt and fox shirt (got those because my mom made me use a 25$ off coupon for spending 50$), a fake prada purse that looks real, kathy van zealand wallet, betseyville makeup bag, and a self portrait painting my friend's sister made for me that is an AMAZZZZING artist!

and from my bf: silver sparkle toms shoes, a bring me the horizon shirt, two scarves he got while he was in mexico on a cruise, and his mother made me a blanket.

two explanations lol: im an only child and that was the most i ever gotten for christmas..ever, i feel so spoiled and loved xD
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Old 01-07-2010, 04:05 PM   #52 
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Those sound like very nice gifts.
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Old 01-10-2010, 12:04 AM   #53 
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WOO! I just went to my dad's side of the family's christmas (yeah... long story short noone could make it at the week-before-Christmas date so they had it tonight! XD) I just got a cookie cook book and a Christmas tree cookie cutter from one of my aunts!!!!! =D I LOVE making cookies so I'm SUPER EXCITED about it! 8] I also got a decent amount of money and I got some really cute other presents like lotion, an up-scale purse, and the perfume that my mom got! =] Oh! I also got a cute fleece blanket! =] too bad it doesn't match ANYTHING in my dorm room... in fact, it's on the opposite end of the color pallet! XD So I'll only be using it when it ABSOLUTELY freezing and I'm sitting at my computer desk! XD =] It's amazing, me and that side of my family have had MAJOR issues the past couple years but this year everything was cool and it feels like everythings cool now, which was probably the best present that I got overall at that side of the family's christmas! =] I'm pretty happy with my haul! =]
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