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Plant light for a bowl or 2.5g?

Hi everyone!
Its been a while since I've been by. I rehomed all of my fishes after I found out a lovely surprise that my fiance and I were expecting! However I still have my Nerite Snails. No one wanted them lol. I have three, fairly good sized fellas roaming around a 1.5 gallon bowl I have on the kitchen counter. I filled their bowl with all my extra anubias plants and they have done incredibly well! In the first week I saw new leaves sprouting! This was the first time I had ever had good luck with plants. Go figure, after spending hundreds on the plants, right set ups, lights and nurtrients, losing plants left and right over the past couple of years when I had fish... I plop some anubias in a bowl with no lighting aside from natural light and no heater and they grow like wildfire lol. Its been about 6 months now and they both, the snails and plants have done well. I am however going to be moving them soon as we found a new place to live. I'm wondering how the change will effect everything and where I will keep them in the new place. If I don't have a proper window how will I supply light to the plants? I need some recommendations on proper lighting or where I could even find a light for such a small bowl that will keep my plants growing? Also the new place will be kept much colder and I will probably need to heat them. I wont be able to do both heat and light due to my fiancÚ being very uptight about electricity, so when it comes down to it, I will chose heat over light. Anyone have luck keeping anubias in low light without supplementing light? And how much will it cost monthly to heat the bowl? Please tell me less than $5.00 each month! lol.
Thanks everyone!
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Blue Fish
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First off, congratulations! :)

As for the electric, I have no idea...Since our electric comes as one bill for the entire house, there's no really good way form me to itemize. But, I do know that a small heater for a small bowl is going to be low wattage, which shouldn't raise your electric costs much.

As for heaters, I'd get one of those little 15$ tetra ones from walmart. They're not great because they don't adjust, but they do a decent job, and they're low watt. :)

As for lighting, just get a desk lamp with a bendable arm on it. Just bend it so that it shines directly over your tank, and you're good to go. :) Just use a regular 60watt equivalent CFL bulb (one of those fluorescent twisty energy saving ones, they use like 2$ a year or something like that to use, and they last forever, lol!) and you'll have plenty of light and heat for cheap. :)



(just get whatever is the best deal, it needs to be at least 60w equivalent (usually around 13w), but the package will say that right on the front. I usually get the multipacks of them, just plain household, because I use them in most of my light fixtures, not just the tanks. :)
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