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Betta Fish Bob
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Stress is the number one cause of Betta Death. It lowers their immune systems, and then bacteria sneaks in and attacks!

I would be willing to bet you got all three of the fish at the same store.

Some bettas are shipped from Thailand clear across the thousands of miles to your fish store. I would call around and find out if you have any local breeders. Any fish bred in your area will not have nearly the levels of stress that imported fish will.
(A little trick I learned a while back!)

Also, fish that are bred by a local, smaller scale breeder generally grow up accustomed to each other and their families, and make better adjusted fish.

Sadly, the average life-span for betta fish is only 6 months to a year, because of the cruel way they are treated, shipped, mis-diagnosed and cared for.

This can be increased to as much as 5 years with the use of an exhaustive Betta Care Manual.

Hope this helps.

Beth C.
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Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

I went out Friday evening and purchased 2 - 2.5 Gallon tanks 2 - mini heaters and some small plants. The "aqua specialist" at the pet store even gave me some live plants free because she said her Betta loved to hide in this. With everything set up and stablized I floated the little bowl I had moved him into and then slowly introduced water over time.... after a long and careful transfer process I released him.... he did another spastic swim and then once again looked dead..... once again he revived and now is happily swimming around his larger warm temporary space until his 5 gallon home is cycled. At least with this 2.5 gal. tank I can do partial water changes so I don't have to net him and move him.

Thanks again for you help!
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So glad he's doing better!!! Im really glad I could help!
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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
Since you haven't had him for very long, it may be that he's still adjusting to his new home and will, hopefully settle down soon.
i agree. the poor fish live in those small cups at the store for so long i think its almost like a culture shock for them. i bought a new betta last night he was doing almost the same thing.

i checked on him during lunch and hes more active and doing better.

i normally use TetraAqua's Aqua Safe water conditioner. i have had no problems with that and will continue to use that when i get my tank this weekend.

good luck with your betta. i thought i was at fault when my first betta died. but like you, im new to this also.
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