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Sorry - you guys responded while I was replying lol you guys have reassured me. Hoping she is fine, and darn those sympathy buys! I think if I bought one more betta tank my hubby would run for the hills :X I invaded his basement "man-cave" with a storage shelf unit that houses 8 x 5.5 gallons (I even divided 3 of them due to sympathy buys of males I seen), and a 55 for the female sorority behind his couch lol nooo more though - I think I would be divorced if I got one more O:)
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Go to the betta care section and in the search put: You know you're addicted to bettas when.. You will get a good laugh. I have 14 males in my living room/dining room plus the sorority tank. There are more in the kitchen.
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Originally Posted by veggiegirl View Post
Saddleback columnaris is a bacterial disease which often begins with the formation of white or discoloured patches on the body of the fish and most commonly in front of the dorsal fin. The patch usually are uniform on both sides of the fish and because of the location of the lesion like patches it is referred to as 'saddleback' columnaris.

The disease is most common in guppies and live bearers but it can be found in any species of fish. There are several strains of columnaris bacteria some of which are extremely agressive killing an entire tank of fish within a couple of hours while other fish survive weeks to months battling the disease.

In later stages of the disease the white patches become lesions and later even open ulcers. The fish also display tatty fins and in the last stages partial paralysis can occur causing the inability to swim rising to the surface becomes difficult and the body swings from side to side.

Some claim to have cured columnaris with salt however if the disease is allowed to develop then treatment becomes increasingly difficult and mortality rates are high. For this reason a good antibiotic (furan based seem most successful) are best used in order to catch the disease early.

Please do not panic though your fish may simply be experiencing marbling and if at this stage she is otherwise perfectly healthy I would just keep her separated from the others and keep a close eye on her.
Veggiegirl, thanks for that advise, it sounds a little like velvet.

I hope we will be seeing pictures of your tank in a few weeks time with all your fish together.

I really do get the sympathy buy, I feel it all the time when I go in pet stores over here seeing all the bettas stacked up in their little pots. I even complained in one store when I saw several betta pots filled to the rim with water and then lids on so they had no surface air. the lad I advised did act promptly after I explained and started tipping water out the pots.
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I will definetly get some pictures up! and Im going to look at the addicted to bettas threads now :D Thhanks everyone!
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