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Kanaplex question

After doing a month of aquarium salt and every other day water changes, my betta's fin rot was not improving as much as it should have, so I started him on kanaplex. Immediately I noticed his color got more vibrant and he became more active, and very slowly his fin rot is getting better. I see new growth. However, it is not completely better yet. There is one small spot on his fin that still has the dark edges. I've already done two courses of kanaplex (3 doses x 2). Is it okay to continue him on the kanaplex for another course or two? He is doing just fine on the medication, and I am worried that if I don't continue it, the fin rot will come back/get worse. I really don't want to mess around with it :(

What do you guys think, and has anyone kept their betta on kanaplex for longer than two courses?
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I would not have suggested doing an entire month of AQ salt as it can be detrimental to your betta's long term health and longevity.
I would have tried e.m. erythromycin before trying anything else, but live and learn.
Kanaplex is a serious antibiotic, something I would never use to treat a simple case of fin rot, but I am glad to hear that he is doing well with it.
That being said I do not think you should do another course of it, phase out the med and maintain a warm, clean environment and see how he does.
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I, also, wouldn't use Kanaplex for fin rot. There are medications that are more effective for rot. And I would rather save the Kanaplex for serious and severe issues, such as dropsy and internal infections. (It's one of the few antibiotics that treats internal infections.)

Using Kanaplex for problems such as fin rot increases the likelyhood that bacteria will become resistant to it. If this happens, it will become less effective for issues like internal infections.

But in answer to your question: I would not do another cycle of Kanaplex. Just use lots of clean, warm water. Feed good, nutritious foods. Do frequent water changes to remove bacteria, toxins and ammonia. If your tap water contains ammonia, use Prime.

If that doesn't work, let us know. Someone can recommend a good antibiotic for external infections.
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i am wondering why he has fin rot to begin with?
How big is the tank and how much , how often you do the water changes?Do you have the filter?
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