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As far as the swimming issue, I'd say he might have some SBD issues? You could fast him for a few days to see if that will help. Also, you could try using JFE, but that is more of the extreme measure.
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Originally Posted by DragonFish View Post
I doubt her betta is really going to 'grow' store bettas are generally already a year or so old, they really don't have any more growing to do ;)
Really??? Thats not good. Is it because they way they are bread? Or the fact their stuck in that cup for so long? I got a new guy couple of days ago and he's like an inch and a half. I really hope he grows more.

Anyways, sorry that caught my attention. My new betta, Midas, he did the same thing when i bought him. And he's still doing it, well kind of. He's doing much better. Its been about 5 days.
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Generally by the time bettas hit the pet store, they're 'fully grown'. Fish never really stop growing, they lack the hormone to do so, but their growth rate slows down at a certain point and they don't really 'grow' anymore. You may see a slight difference 6 months or even a year down the road in size, but what I mean by my comment is the fish isn't going to just suddenly grow and need the bigger tank would be better to put it in the larger tank sooner. ;)

The age and size thing is due to the fact that a bettas true color and finage doesn't really develop until about six months of age so they usually don't put them on the market because the younger they are, the less 'flashy' they are. At least, thats what I've read.
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As others said, I'd get her to go with the bigger critter keeper or get that fish into the bigger tank. No one wants to change water 4 times a week. Most people are not that diligent and it's the fish who will suffer. I get that she's not well off but she did buy the fish after all. Sometimes taking care of pets is a big responsibility. A half gallon is too small for any fish.

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I have no idea what could be going on with him since I don't own a betta yet. =/ sorryz . <=/

I do think that she should use the bigger tank though. =] I mean if it's available why not use it? It's much better than the small tank for these reasons:
1) The betta has more room to live and swim
2) Less water changes
3) More room to display her betta
4) Betta will be happier
5) She can actually DESIGN and decorate a tank! =] (It must be difficult fitting decorations into a 1/4 gallon.)
6) She doesn't have to pay for it <---- BIG REAASON! =]
7) If it's big enough (5 gallon) then she can divide it (using either a bought divider or going the DIY route using a tutorial I can supply the link to) and then she can have 2 betta or she can leave the tank undivided and get a tankmate or 2 for her betta! =] like 2 African Dwarf Frogs or a molly or a corycatfish! =]
8 ) If it's at least a 2.5 gallon or a 3 gallon she can cycle it! =] Which mean even less water changes than the already lessened amount from simply having a bigger tank!

I hope things go well with her fish and that it lives a long happy life! =]

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Like ohers have said, the betta won't be growing any more, so it might as well go in the 2 gallon. If anything, if it were to grow, it wouldn't be able to in a .5 gallon. Kepping fish in smaller tanks stunts their growth.

The betta will be much happier and healthier in the 2 gallon.
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