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Old 01-29-2010, 11:12 AM   #1 
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Question New here and some concerns with my little guy!

Hi guys!! I am new to this forum and so far everything that I have read has been real helpful, Im hoping I can get some help with one more thing. Heres my situation, about 3 weeks ago I was at my aprtment complex business center and noticed that in a very small plant pot there was a betta fish in the vase towards the bottom kind of "pushed" against the vase by the plant roots (poor thing had no where to swim). The water was filthy, it looks like kids had been putting toys and pencil shavings in there with him. It broke my heart! So I read up on Bettas (ive only owned 2 before and it was years ago) got some information and went out and purchased a 1.5 gallon tank, some silk plant and rocks, water conditioner and a few different types of food. Im not able to spend to much money right now so I tried to do the best that I could. I was going to save this little guy. To get to the point of my post (sorry its kinda long), I ended up getting the little guy out of there (yeah I guess I kind of tole him..but I had to), I put him in a plastic bag with his water and immediately went back to my apartment with him to get him into his new home.

I put him in his new home and he is doing great! I think he really likes his space, I know he loves his food and he's very active and even "plays" with me, I make sure to give him attention maybe a little more than I should! :)
Anyhow, since the first time I seen him I noticed his color was terrible, and I figured it was because of his living conditions. Since Ive moved him I have noticed a difference in his color (he's blue and red). He's starting to look more vibrant but not fully and Im concerned. Could he have a disease or be sick? His fins are not ripped, and I see his reddish color to them and blue at the tips, but they are nothing like I know they should be. His large back fin kind of droops, but is still pretty full. They are kind of clear with an almost brownish tint to them. Im worried and really want him to be ok. Other than his color he seems to be doing great. If there are any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them and I know my little guy ( i named him buddy) would appreciate it as well!! Thanks so much!
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I applaud you for rescuing that betta (even if he was stolen. =/)!!! He sounds like he's doing TONS better now! =] I can't really help you though becaus I'm still waiting to get my first tank. =/
I hope that you get some good advice though. =]
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Betta Fish Bob
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It sounds to me like the typical case of relocation stress. Bettas are waayyyy easy to stress out.

Having said that, have you added some aquarium salt? If not, mix some in a half gallon or so of water, let sit overnight, and do a water change the next day.

Good on ya for saving this little guy! And you did not steal, you RESCUED!
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Hey Mandim,

Welcome and congrats. on saving that poor fish. Have you read the "sticky" thread on Betta Care? You should be able to find everything you need for your new buddy to thrive.

First thought I had is how warm is the water? Bettas are tropical and will not color up or thrive in cold temps. The temp should be between 78 and 82 degrees F.

Give us more details about your tank size, water conditions (do you use conditioner, how often do you change the water etc...)

And if you can post a picture of him, that might be helpful to determine if he has fin rot. Good luck in the meantime.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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Smile Thank you!!

Thank you so much for the help and response. I will take pictures of him and give you guys more details about his tank etc. I will also try to salt, and hope that maybe that will help as well!! Again thank you, and I will be posting pics of buddy up soon
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fins, help with new owner

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