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Fin Rot is NOTORIOUSLY nasty, :/ I've had half of a fish's tail disappear in less than a few hours, so I think it's better not to underestimate and ALWAYS take safety precautions.

But to be on the safe side, I'd recommend a 70% water change and add 1tsp of aquarium salt per gallon to the tank. This will help promote fin healing/regrowth and help fight against the possible chance of fin rot. Perhaps even salt dips a couple times every day would help (1tbs in 1 gallon of water for 5 minutes. Then half salt dip water with half tank water for 10 minutes, and then slowly introduce him back into his normal tank.) When adding aquarium salt, MAKE SURE IT'S FULL DISSOLVED before adding fish.

Taking down the construction paper will defiantly help too, if you want to have something on the back, I find white paper sometimes does the trick (that is if the light is in the right place and doesn't cast a shadow on the paper... Bettas sometimes will chase their shadow.) Although turning his light off during treatment can help him not get so stressed out :)

And Stress Coat is NOT a type of medicine, it's a water conditioner, so please be careful not to overdose.

But if possible, can you please take a picture of your fish/fish setup? And if you got water tests (for ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. Or take a water sample to a pet store like petsmart and they will test your water for you), please post the results :)

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since i saw him turn around and try to bite his tail several times last night, i'm pretty sure that's what he's doing. i did 70% water changes every day for over a week and as soon as his tail would get some growth on it, he would eat it. so....i got some larger silk plants today to cover the area that he fights his reflection in (where he usually turns to bite his tail). hopefully that will help i'm still keeping a close eye on it, though!! thanks

oh, and i do use aquarium salt in his aquarium. i also took down the construction paper...i saw no change in his behavior from having it up or down. i think he's a little neurotic! LOL i wasn't using the stress coat as medication, but as a water treatment when i did the daily water changes. i'm hoping his new plants will help distract him :)

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Sounds like you're doing all the right things and you really take good care of your little buddy. Good job!
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I'm happy to say that Rooster is letting his tail grow back! :) I put some tall silk plants in front of the area where he was fighting his reflection and it has distracted him. I can see quite a bit of growth on his tail now! I'm so happy! Thanks for all of your suggestions and help :)
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That's great! :)
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