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MsAqua's Fishy Journal

I figured sure, why not start a journal. Then I can put down lists of what I want to do once I have the money and keep track of what fishies I have.
Especially since I now have an obsession with caring for fish. Well sort of an obsession.
When I was living with my parents still, I convinced them to set their 50 gallon tank back up [it's been years since our first adventure with that tank]. All the fish have been dying off lately and of those that are left there is a major bully that is actually taking pieces out of their "competition." One tiger barb, from his eyes forward, was missing his face. He literally had his face taken off. Now the last tiger barb is showing battle scars on his face. We're not sure who the bully is but they're brutal.
Anywayyyyy, now that I've been in a different house since June, I've been wanting some pets here of my own. I never expected to pick up a betta fish. I've always thought that betta fish are pretty but I never really shown much interest. Now that I have Diablo I don't know what I was thinking! Haha. I love him and would LOVE to get more.
In fact, I posted a status on my Facebook saying that if anyone had fish tanks just sitting around collecting dust that I would take them. I did not expect so many replies. I've been offered a 20 gal, a 55 gal, a 75 gal, and a couple other tanks that they didn't say the size of. I was like geez. I'll take as many as I can. I don't know what it is but setting up tanks and caring for fish just appeals to me. I've always been called a fish, even when I was little, primarily because I'm drawn to water. I love to swim and could swim the day away if allowed and the sun doesn't burn me to a crisp. But I didn't realize how much of a water person I really am. Haha. Maybe I should have went into Marine biology rather than veterinary technology. Not sure where I'd get a job around here but eh.

I have so much that I'd like to do, fish tank wise, but I cannot afford to do it all at once. No way. I'm just getting by as it is. We're lucky my fiance's great grandma and grandma are letting us stay in the house we're in. We don't have many bills to pay but we're both in debt. But anyway. My imagination has just run wild since I've acquired Diablo.

I also found Aquabid through here and while there are SOOO many beautiful bettas on there, they are so expensive. I could buy and set up whole new tanks for as much money as I'd have to put into just one betta on there. I know that shipping live animals is costly and puts the animal at risk and such but DANG!

I would love to have a sorority tank of bettas and would love to have one or two more males. That alone will require some work and money. But would be well worth it. And I've been really debating on doing a planted tank but I have no idea where to start, how to clean a tank like that or if you even have to, and so on. And I have no idea what kind of plants to look into. So I don't know. I have a large order of silk plants that I ordered off coming so we'll see what all that looks like. I want to get Diablo out of that 1.5 gal tank and get him into the 10 gal I have from my parent's. I was going to divide it for him and Tyreal but unfortunately Tyreal passed on. So unless I find another male betta or two, he might end up having the whole tank to himself. I'm not sure just yet.
But back to my list:
Sorority tank
My fiance wants a Glofish tank
Any planted tank of some sort
A bigger tank for Diablo
A freshwater tank [MOLLIESSSSSSSS! <3]
Learn how to breed bettas?

It's going to require quite abit of money, which I don't have. But I'm going to try and spend some money here and there on fish tank stuff. I'll eventually get some of the things I want. I want to get a Glofish tank set up for my fiance, Travis, as a Christmas present so once I get Diablo into his new tank and possibly buy more bettas, I'm going to start work on it.

I know, I keep rambling on and on but you came here to read it didn't you? Haha.
I think Travis is tired of hearing me go on and on about what I want to do with the fish tanks and what fish I want and such. So I need to get it off my chest somewhere.
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Is it Friday yet? I'm uber excited for Friday. Friday is my payday and we plan to make a trip to both Walmart and out to Petsmart! I need to pick up a filter, heater, gravel, and such for the 10 gal tank I have here. I also need a lid and light for it. :S Not sure if Petsmart will have any. Walmart has really expensive ones.
But once I gather up all the supplies for it, I'm going to get the 10 gallon tank set up and get it at least running. Want to get the water cycled and ready then I'm going to do one of two things, get Diablo out of his 1.5 gal and place him in this tank with another male on a divided side. Or I may just say that he is alright in his current tank and acquire a group of females to try and start a sorority. It all depends on what sort of betta I find at both Walmart and Petsmart. [Walmart will be lucky I don't buy up all their bettas just to rescue them from the treatment they'd get there.]
If I choose to get another male or two, then I might look into the prices on grabbing up another tank. I'm not sure. I've had a lot of people offer us big tanks and I might have to snatch up one or two of them. I just don't have all the supplies I'd need to maintain says a 50 gallon tank. I'd need a gravel vacuum and different conditioners and such. I'd also need to acquire a bunch of fake plants OR start a planted tank though I would need a lot of help since I would have no clue where to begin.
Either way, I'm super excited to see what sort of bettas I come across. The last couple times we have visited Petsmart they have had some really unique bettas. More than just the typical blue and red ones they have. I wish I could have snatched up some of them. But we shall see. Once I've acquired more, I will definitely be posting pictures! I promise on that one!

Oh and an update on my lovey, Diablo. We have rearranged our living room a bit and have taken him out of our room. I figured the lighting would be better and he'd get to see what is going on out here. He seems to be ok out here. After the water change he quickly went to making another bubble nest, since I had to destroy his other one. He's also eating Omega One pellets for me but I have to at least split the pellets once or twice for him to do so. When we head to Petsmart I'll be picking up some Omega One food since he isn't being quite so picky. I'm also going to look into other foods to try. Not sure what I'm going to do with the food and such that I bought from Walmart. I don't know anyone in the area with bettas that will eat it. :/ But we'll see.
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Heehee. I'm so happy. Yesterday, me, Travis, and my sister Abby made a 45 minute drive out to Petsmart. AND BOUGHT HALF THE STORE! Haha. Not really. Though we did take up half of their stock of females.

The 3 of us searched through the groups of bettas, looking for ones we liked. I have that 10 gallon tank to use, afterall. So We decided on starting a sorority. Especially since the females seemed to outnumber the males they had. None of the males really caught my attention, either.
We picked out 5 crowntail females and 1 veiltail. Well before we left all of us fell in love with a male on one of the shelves. A blue and white colored dragon scale plakat. So we had to pick him up too. So I am now up 7 more bettas. Making it 8 in total.
6 crowntails, 1 veiltail, and 1 plakat. ^.^

We picked up all of the supplies to start up the 10 gallon tank as well. The silk plants I ordered from Petco also came in yesterday so it was perfect timing.

There's the large hide (sorta) and a total of 6 full silk plants. Then two pieces from a plant that I cut up. I think it looks really nice. Another member said that there should be more plants in it. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going to fit in plants without hiding the whole thing but we'll see. I still have a few plants laying around that I could use. I also have another decoration we had picked up to put it in as a hide. I might find a spot inside to try and put it in too.

Anyway. There's 6 young females now, all nameless.
The veiltail female is a nice little girl with red coloring. Then the crowntails are all different shades. One is a pretty blue color that changes to shades of green as she moves. Another is a light almost white color on her body with small, dark spots in random spots. Her fins must be fairly faded because she seems to be getting in some blue now that she's here. The one with lots of attitude is a grayish blue color. They other is a gray color and almost has purple coloring to her finnage. Then the last (who did her darndest to get my attention by showing off her coloring) has a dark colored body with a slight blue tint and red fins.
I'm hoping they all get along with each other though it wouldn't change the fact that I adore them all. ^.^

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I did 100% water changes for everyone today. This gave me the chance to get a good look at how everyone is doing. I also manage to snap some pics of everyone while they were in their cups waiting for their homes to be cleaned.
Can't wait to get these girls into the tank and out of these containers. ^.^

Diablo is doing pretty good. I don't think he's too thrilled to have other bettas around him though. He seems sort of depressed unless it comes to bubbles. He had a HUGE bubble nest in the corner of his tank. I'm sure he'll rebuild it after this water change.
He's pouting like a big baby in the pic below. You can see some of the left over bubbles floating there too.

Triton is enjoying having more space. He's all over that tank throughout the day. I think he tires himself out, honestly, cuz there have been a couples times where he sits at the very bottom for abit.
He's looking so much better than when we bought him.

Athena seems to be ok. She's gets excited at feeding time and eats great. She still has stress stripes on her though. I'm not sure what to do to help. Hoping that they fade before the end of quarantine.
I can never get good pics of her but you can make out her colors and see her stress stripes.

Darcy is a spitfire. She's definitely got an attitude on her and viciously grabs the food when I feed her. Like there is an actual noise when she snatches it up. Right now, she's the only one I think might pose a problem in the bigger tank. Maybe. She might surprise me. But I get the feeling she'll try to be head honcho.

Jade is either really laid back or just lazy. She doesn't move very fast unless there's food involved, really. Well, at least when I peek at her.
She's such a pretty girl. <3

Luna is a very active girl. She also seems to change colors. Well...maybe. She's definitely different from when we chose her. The spots and coloring around her head definitely show better. Though I wonder if the red that I see around her head is just coloring or maybe something I should worry about.
The color of her fins change with how she moves, I noticed.

Phoenix is such a sweet girl. She loves to greet me when I come into the living room in the mornings. She also enjoys to pose for pictures....except when we did the water change today. Haha. Although it very well could have been my camera. It didn't want to focus on any of them right.

I haven't really noticed much about Selene except that she's a brat. If I put a piece of food in the tank that she thinks is too big, she'll hold it in her mouth and swim around with it. And I know that's what she does because she'll just spit it out and leave it after I freak out and worry. Little booger.
Couldn't get the camera to focus on her but you can see her coloring.

10 Gallon Update
I added more plants to the tank and put the other hide inside, so there are plenty of hiding places inside. I also added some more stress zyme to the water. I've also kept an eye on the temp. The heater keeps it at a steady 78 degrees. I'm a little worried that the filter might be causing too much of a current so I need to look into aquarium sponges.
We also have test strips for the tank but it doesn't measure ammonia. So I either need to invest in a big testing kit like my parents have or....I dunno. I'll probably stick a strip in here in a little bit to see what I get.
But, it's going good so far. ^.^

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Everyone is doing pretty well today. The girls still have great appetites.
Triton is still all over the place.
Diablo....well. He seems depressed. He'll randomly just float near the bottom and sit there for a little bit before floating back up. I'm not sure whether to be worried or not. Nothing else seems to be wrong. He's got his bubble nest built again and he eats fine.
And now, I have two more boys to care for. Their names are Casta and Alistair, both veiltails.
Me and my little sister were at Walmart after a very.....bad event at my work with a family friend yesterday. I had been to Walmart once already, early in the morning after work. And both times there were only two betta fish left on the shelves. Two veiltails in some nasty water. I felt awful the first time I saw them but I walked away....I do not want to support Walmart's fish section. It only leads to them bringing in more fish and more bettas dying unnecessarily. But my little sister couldn't do it. She wanted to save them and got mad when I even suggested leaving them there. So, I am now caring for both boys for my sister.
They're much happier with the space they have and they have both eaten for me. Well, Casta spit out pellets the first time but he actually ate one or two this morning.
And since there isn't really any room on the shelf everyone else is on, they're on top of one of our bookshelves.

I'm a crazy betta woman and I love it. Haha.
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Time for updates on the fishiesssssssssss.
I took pics of everyone and uploaded them into my albums. ^.^

Buuuut anywayyyy. I've been keeping a close eye on my sister's bettas. Alistair is doing really well. He has a big bubble nest in the corner of the container and he's not as shy. He now understands that when I lift the lid, I'm feeding him. So he eagerly awaits food.
Casta, on the other hand, is not so social. He tries his darndest to avoid me, if anything. When I lift the lid to put in food, he retreats under one of the silk leaves or as far away as he can. He also tends to just float near the bottom or wedge himself under one of the silk plants. I think Walmart scared the poor fish.
They were both so shy and scared when we brought them home. Alistair has adjusted quickly, Casta has not. I'm hoping he perks up soon.
But the Walmart employees that care for the fish need smacked upside the head. These fish were so unhappy in those conditions. *shakes head*

Other than that, everyone else is doing very well. Well, Diablo is still acting depressed and upset though. Travis said something about Diablo possibly getting old and slowing down. Considering he's from Walmart, who knows how old this fish is. Just hoping he perks up some. :/

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Got some updatesssssssssss. Woot woot. Haha.
We went shopping yesterday. Our first stop was at Walmart and I was very happy with them. All the fish had fresh water including some of the ones from the last time I went. Now if they care for them like that all the time, I'll be good.
Also made a trip to Petsmart yesterday. There were a lot of bettas but none of them looked good at all. The water looked good but the bettas did not. There were all sorts there, though. DTs, DSPKs, CTs, VTs, HMs. But none really caught my fancy. One of the female CTs was so tiny and cute but she didn't even react to my fingers or me picking up the cup, really. I don't think she would have made the trip back home if I had bought her. And only one of the males really grabbed my attention. He's an orange dalmatian VT with only a couple spots here and there. He seems very...slow and lethargic. He picks a spot and floats there. But he has eaten twice for me now so I have hope for him. But he's the only one I brought home. He's in a little 1 gallon tank and seems to like the space more than that cup. Haven't come up with a name for him just yet but I'll figure something out. :3

Update on all the other boys:
Everyone is still doing great. Casta is starting to sort of warm up to me. If I don't move slow he'll take off and hide when feeding him.
I bought heaters for Triton and Diablo's tanks. We'll see how well they work. I ran out of plugs in my surge protector so only Triton's got plugged it. It's brought the temperature up to about 76 degrees now. So I'll keep monitoring it.

Then the sorority. Yesterday marked the end of the 2 week quarantine for all the girls. But seeing how we were gone almost all day, I did not put them in the tank until this morning.
Darcy wanted nothing to do with the fighting over alpha position. She just wanted to explore, to my surprise. She got nipped at a few times but she'd flee anytime someone came after her.
Jade sort of hid and only got into one of the fights for a little while. She gave up on it after awhile and went into hiding.
Luna took part in quite a few fights but she sort of just swam into hiding after abit too.
Athena took up the offensive as soon as she was in the tank. She flared at everyone and took off after some of the others. Once Selene was in the tank the two went into a battle. So it seemed, at the time, that either Selene or Athena would come out on top.
Things sort of calmed down, both girls were tired out. Then all of a sudden Phoenix took the opportunity to go on the offensive. She chased everyone and I mean everyone all over the tank. She had hid until the competition was tired and then chased them all down. Smart girl. She has been chasing all the way up til now. Peeking in there it seems they've all sort of calmed down. Every so often I'll see someone take off across the tank but other than that it seems to be working out.
I'm hoping Phoenix will chill out by tomorrow or I may find myself putting her by her lonesome again. We'll see.

I plan to order some more silk plants and stuff so I have some stocked up in case I buy more bettas or need more plants. I'll probably look around for tanks for Casta and Alistair. Then not sure what else I'll look into. ^.^
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Well, aside from darn ladybugs being everywhere, things are going pretty good.
All the boys are doing good. The new VT, Sol, is doing much better. He's quite the booger. When he sees me come over with the camera, he'll swim over and get all flared like he's posing. Then just as he sees my finger move on that button, he takes off behind the plants so I can't get a picture. I've also noticed that there are dark spots that have suddenly appeared on his sides. It's as if right where his scales end, it's turned dark. So I'm wondering if he might be a marble or if something is up. Because those were not there the day I bought him or the day after. We'll see what happens.

My sorority is going great. The girls have all been calmed since Day 2. The first day was the only time there has been any fighting or chasing, as expected. Although I have seen them chase each other a couple times lately but I think it's either a playful thing or a territory thing.
All the girls come to the top to eat together and some seem to be buddies with one of their fellow sorority members. Phoenix and Luna tend to frequent the middle and the right areas of the tank. Everyone else tends to be on the left end.

I need to order a proper testing kit for the tank next pay or I need to borrow my mom's every so often. I only have test strips that don't touch on the ammonia levels. And I think I only have one left anyway. I have cash in my savings I could use to order one but I'm trying not to touch that money. So it'll have to wait. I didn't get the chance to order more silk plants either. However, I did have a relative contact me about a tank that she has. She says it still has the filter, plants, gravel, and so on. Her husband was in the background saying it was a little over 5 gallons. She's just going to give the tank to me. I'll probably just throw out the gravel, not sure on the plants. If it is about a 5g, then I'll probably set it up and divide it, then put two of the boys in it. Have to see what shape everything is in first.

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It's Monday, therefore, it was water change day.

I changed everyone's water 100% except for the 10 gal with my girls in it. I'm going to wait to do a water change for it. I want to hurry and get a big testing kit asap. I don't want to clean and then end up putting the girls into water that isn't ready yet. So hopefully I can pick up a kit this weekend. Maybe. Depends on how much my paycheck is this Friday. :S Hoping to have some extra money for the kit since they're kinda pricey.

Anywhooooo, onto the boys. I did Abby's fish first and come to realize the containers they are in actually hold a little more than a 1 gallon tank does. Which honestly surprised both me and Travis. They used more water than both Triton and Sol's 1 gallons did. So I was kinda like wow. Haha.
Casta is doing pretty good. He's still kinda ify with people. He'll finally come up and wait for food to hit the water when I feed them. He'll come to greet me every once in awhile, too. But he's still a little shy. He also will not flare. He doesn't flare at Alistair beside him or flare at the hand mirror (think it might be hard for him to see the mirror through that container though). So he's pretty docile and shy from what I've seen. I blame Walmart! Lol.

Alistair is a social guy. He's constantly coming up to see me, he'll go to the side of his container to see Casta, and will come right up for food. So he's a prety happy guy. ^.^ Also, one of the males with the biggest body. Out of all the boys, I'm thinking he's one of the oldest. Because body wise, he's a tank. Haha.

I did Sol's water next. He has really perked up since he's been here. I constantly see him swimming around and he loves to play hide and seek apparently. I think it's cute. He's still orange colored and has like a blue iridescence on parts of his fins. I thought he was an orange dalmatian but I'm starting to think otherwise.

Triton was next. I felt kinda bad because he had just built a big bubble nest the day before and I had to destroy it. Oh well. Gives him time to build another one, I guess. Though I've noticed something, Triton does not really build many bubble nests. Every so often I'll see one but not as often as Diablo. Other than that, he still swims all over and knows right when to come to the top for feeding time.

Then mister pouty fish, Diablo was next. I had to destroy a couple bubble nests this time around. The silk plant on the right of his tank had two leaves that sat right at the top like an indian leaf would be for breeding. So he had bubbles under both leaves. One was kinda scrawny but the other practically filled the corner of the tank. He gets so upset when I destroy them every Monday then builds a bigger one to spite me. Haha.

Next was Blackbeard. He has yet to eat anything for me. I'm not sure if he is sick or stressed or just depressed. He'd sit at the bottom of the container and rarely move. Then he shows no interest in food. I placed him beside Alistair and you would think World War 3 broke out. Both of them were flaring and trying so hard to get at each other. I wondered if maybe Blackbeard feels lonely. But anytime you put him near another male's tank, he instantly gets aggressive. So I'm not sure. After his water change, he seemed to perk up more. He's moving around more but still won't eat. He doesn't have any spots or tears or anything to suggest he's sick though. [Bad pic, I know.]

The other new boy isn't interested in food either. He just swims right passed it. Most of the time he swims around and around, every once in awhile stopping to rest near the top. I also noticed something hanging from him today. I thought something was going on with the scales on his side but then I realized it was poop. Poop white enough to blend in with his body, practically. It was there before the water change and still hanging after the change. So I'm honestly not sure what might be going on with this one. I had thought that his fins looked clamped before the change but I don't know. [Not a great pic but eh.]

Then I didn't change their water but the girls are doing great! They all get along well and all come up to be fed together. Jade even jumps out of the water for food. Haha. One thing I noticed though. The other day I noticed that Darcy's belly was huge and there was a big white spot on her underbelly. I only noticed it with her. Then today I'm looking and everyone is huge except for Phoenix. I'm quite sure they're all full of eggs. Darcy and Luna are huge. Athena, Selene, and Jade aren't quite as big. Then Phoenix looks like she normally does.

I ordered 4 plain 1 gallon tanks to put Alistair, Casta, Blackbeard, and the other boy in. I know...the tanks are small. Too small. But any bigger than a gallon is expensive from what I've seen. I'm not rich here. XD
Then I ordered a bunch of silk plants as well.
Then I plan to head to Petsmart this weekend to see what I can pick up.
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Well, I'm at a loss for what to do for the nameless VT I have. Someone said it's Columnaris, another just asked a bunch of questions then never said a word. The scales on his face are all a mess, he still has cottony stuff hanging on him, his fins are deteriorating where the red streaks are on him. Maybe it is Columnaris. I don't know. Tyreal had the acute case that killed him in less than 24 hrs. He had dark coloring so I wouldn't have been able to see any red on his tail. But this one is very brightly colored so it's hard to see any white spots but the red stands out like a sore thumb. I'm going to start adding more salt to his QT container as the each day progresses. Hopefully he keeps hanging on and I help him enough for him to make it. He is such a pretty betta and I'd hate to lose another due to Walmart's stupidity.
Then Blackbeard still will not eat, mostly hangs out near the bottom but will move around. I don't see anything else wrong with him. I honestly don't. I'll probably make a post and see if anyone will answer me. I don't get many answers to my disease posts. The answers when Tyreal was sick didn't come until it was too late. -.-' Not getting much help with this VT either. :S
I'm going to run to Walmart after work in the morning and see what I can pick up meds wise there. Probably nothing useful but it's worth a look.

Oh, on a happier note, Alistair either has an attitude problem or likes to show off now. Haha. I walked up to look at him and he sorta flared at me so I stuck my tongue out at him. He instantly started showing off his beard. He didn't full out flare like he would against another betta, he just showed me is big ole beard. I laughed. I managed to get him to do it twice before he didn't want to do it anymore.
I also finally saw Casta flare and show off his beard. My 4 new tanks came in so I moved those two into their new tanks. While they were floating in their cups, they spotted each other and both flared up. That's the first time I've seen Casta ever flare. Yayz! XD Haha.
Let's see...Diablo has another bubble nest already in the making. Luna is now massive compared to all the other females. Definitely eggy. Sol and Triton are their happy selves. All the other girls are doing good. Got them to eat bloodworm treats earlier.

Planning a trip to Petsmart probably on Saturday morning. May or may not come home with more bettas. Lol. We're going towards the mall for Christmas ideas and shopping so I don't need to blow my money on a bunch of betta stuff. XD

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