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Starting a Sorority?

I have an empty 10 gallon tank that I plan to get started and cycling. Once I have decorations and get my silk plants in the mail, I'm going to get it going. I have not decided whether to start a sorority or just divide the tank between a couple males. If I just divide it, I'll probably plan to get a bigger tank for a sorority.
If I decide to start a sorority, what steps should I take to get it set up?
I know that it's best to buy females around the same size as each other. I also know that lots of plants and cover will reduce aggression. Then they have to decide the pecking order, as well.
My question is, how would you introduce them into the tank? Should I quarantine them before putting them together? I don't have enough tanks to really do that so they might be forced to stay in those awful cups from the store. Not sure if that would be alright or how to properly do water changes with small cups if that's the case. Unless someone knows of some super cheap tanks that would work since I'm not the richest person around.
But how would you get them in the tank? Let their cups float in the water to get them use to the temp for an hour or so then just let them loose? Or is there something you can do to find out the compatibility of the females before getting them in? Or?
Pretty much, what have you guys done when starting up a sorority tank? I want to be prepared before I dive into this.
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If buying from pet stores, I would defiantly QT.
But you can also buy females from a breeder who have been raised in the same tank together(siblings usually, but some people mix same-age spawns).

If buying from the pet store, instead of using those cups you can buy food storage containers in sets of 3-10 that hold two or three times as much water, generally for less than $5(I just got a set of 10 for like $3).

Accumulate like you would any other time, float them/add a little water at a time so they get used to it. I would add all the girls at once so that no one has territories yet.

Some girls are just /too/ aggressive, so be prepared for that(be it setting up a new tank or exchanging her for a new girl).
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I might look into a breeder but that depends on how much money I have when I do buy them. It might end up easier to buy them on a trip to Petsmart. I'll have to see. But I'll definitely quarantine them if so. That will allow the tank time to cycle, as well. So it'll work out pretty well.

I never thought of that. There's a lot of containers in our cabinet but I wouldn't trust any of them. They all belonged to my fiance's grandma before she let us stay in the place while she moved to his great grandma's. If she cared for her dishes the way she cared for the house, I'm afraid to see any of the dishes in that cabinet. So I'll look into some when we go grocery shopping before our trip to Petsmart Friday. How would you work with the lids though? I imagine putting the lid completely on the containers would be a bad idea.

Alright. Gotcha.
Yeah. I'll be ready for it. I have an empty 1 gal here that could function as a separation tank. And I can invest in more or pick up some containers if I have to.
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