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Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Melbourne, Australia
What kind of shrimp should I get?

I've been cycling a 30L tank for 2 weeks now and I would like to add some shrimp once the cycle is complete (so in another 4 weeks or so).

I'm curious as to what you all think is the best type of shrimp? My choices are: Ghost, Red Cherry, or Crystal which I beleive are also called Glass. Or I could get a snail but I know these produce more waste and frankly I find them boring.

My tank is currently home to a single male Betta, live plants (2 crypts, and a hyrgrophilia/bacopa 'forest') some driftwood and a hollow barrel ornament. It is also heated and filtered.
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Ghost and Glass shrimp are the same thing. Two or three of those might be okay, but your betta might eat the cherry or crystals. I guess it depends on your water chemistry, your betta's behavior, and how much cover you have for them.
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Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Thanks for the clarification.

I love the look of Crystal shrimp but they can be very pricey. As this will be my first time keeping shrimp it might be best to stick with Ghosts or Cherry which are much cheaper here in Australia.

I've also seen something called a Rifle shrimp, they look like they get quite large though, and are a brownish colour so not as appealing.
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My signature says it all.

Shrimp need a well-established, mature tank. Wait until your tank has been cycled for a month or so. I learned the hard way about introducing them too soon and watched them kick off one-by-one.

RCS are hardier than CRS. Any of the Neocaridina are easier and more forgiving than the Crystal Reds. Amano Shrimp are larger and quite the characters. I've seen mine back down a Betta who got too close to their algae tabs. They are only colorful in personality.

Ghost/Glass shrimp are "feeders" and not given the best care before they get to the lfs so deaths may have nothing to do with your care of them.

Hope this helps. I love my shrimp and other inverts. All live with my Bettas with no problems other than the occasional short chase.
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