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Exclamation Help??? Sick betta

Hey there everybody!
I need some help diagnosing my Betta Sauske.
I've had him for about 3 months & recently noticed that he's been acting weird.

First signs of him acting weird were him not swimming around as much & staying at the bottom of the tank. I found this very odd because he's the kind of fish that interacts with people. After a week of him doing this I noticed that his belly was slightly bloated. I figured that it was because I left for the weekend & had my mom watch over him (she tends to always over feed the fish). I went ahead & moved him into a 1gallon bowl, I removed all the gravel to make sure he wasn't constipated. His stomach has gone down & I've began to feed him a pellet a day . Today I noticed a piece of abnormal poop hanging from him. It was white, I am aware that this could mean internal parasites, but what I don't understand is how he could have gotten them! His water is always clean & I have never fed him any kind of live food. He also seems to have fin rot :/ I was wondering if one of you have experienced this & know what could possibly be going on, or if this is something other than internal parasites. If it is internal parasites, what could be some affordable treatments I could do?? I care about this fish so much & am willing to do what it takes to get him back to normal. I will also try to upload a picture of what he looks like right now.
Thank you
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Parasites can come from freeze-dried and frozen foods as well. I'm never had any experience treating parasites, but I know there are good internal parasite medications out there that you can buy, but I'm not sure which are the good brands.
Hopefully someone with more experience can help you on that one.
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I haven't given him any of that either! :/
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I would monitor his poop for a few days. Let us know if it continues to be white. Some questions:
1) What brand of food do you feed him? How much? How often?
2) Is he still bloated?
3) Does he seem very hungry, even if he's bloated?

As for the fin rot, the best way to treat this is with lots of clean, warm water. So more questions:
4) What's the water temperature in the tank?
5) How often do you do water changes?
6) What percentage of water do you change each time?
7) What do you add when doing water changes? (Conditioner brand name, etc).
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bloating, diagnosis, fin rot, internal parasites, sick betta

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