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20 gallon stocking suggestions


I will be getting a 20g tank on Friday and was looking for stocking suggestions. I have one male betta, one peppered cory (will be getting five more), and two ghost shrimp (would like more, but how many?). I will also be getting more plants to provide hiding places/beauty (currently have anubias, amazon swords, java ferns, and one stem of t. cardinalis...they are all recovering from a cyano overtake, so they are small).

Any suggestions/tips?
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Hello. You can definitely have more than two ghost shrimp. I like Amano Shrimp (also called Japonica shrimp). They get a lot larger than ghost shrimp, I believe. I have 3 of them and they are super fun to watch. You could probably have 10 in that size tank and it won't add a lot to the bioload. You can also have a couple of schools of other fish like some type of tetra (some people say neons can get nippy, but I have yet to see that in my 55 gallon tank). Other people keep rasboras, some people keep guppies with bettas, but it's usually not recommended because of the guppies colorful tails.
I wouldn't recommend any type of danio for that sized tank, especially with a betta. I've read that danios can be ok in a 10 gal, but seeing how active my zebra danios are in my 55 gallon and how they utilize every bit of space playing with each other and zipping around, I wouldn't keep them in anything smaller than a 40... but also since they are so active they will totally stress out a betta in a 20 gal tank.

So maybe I'd suggest something like a school of 8 neon tetra (or glow light tetra, or rummy nose tetra, or black skirt tetra, etc)
5-10 shrimp (you can have different types; you don't have to have a certain number of each type)
plus your betta and your 6 cories.
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What are your water parameters? Some fish like soft water, some hard water. Mine is hard so I have male Panda Guppies (tiny and don't have long tails), male Endlers, Pygmy Cories and shrimp + Betta. You could get Pygmies instead of more Peppered Cories.

I agree about the Amanos; they're great. But I would hold off on any shrimp until the tank has been fully cycled for at least a month or so.

You can divide a 20 with an opaque acrylic divider and if you drill .25" holes, the Bettas can't get through but the other residents have run of the full aquarium. That's what I did.
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Thanks, @OrangeAugust and @RussellTheShihTzu for the replies :)

Unfortunately, I don't have the 20g tank. I read the ad wrong; it was 20 INCHES long...which makes it a ten gallon

So now I have two ten gallons lol.

We have soft water here. Would it be acceptable to put some tetras in a 10g or is that too small? I will be putting the betta in his own tank with some more ghost shrimp since he doesn't bother with them.
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