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Originally Posted by truthequalslies View Post
You know its a funny thing when I wasa kid and didn't know any better I had a small glass hexagon tank and I had so many fish in it I had maybe 3 dif types of goldfish and a male betta and 2 adf's and quite a few others it had a good filter of course but I am amazed to this day on how long I had them all and how well they got along but of course I guess that was a fluke ieven somehow had a mail and female betta together who got along the only thing I know of that didn't work out was we had 2 goldfish in a 10 gallon with an adf and each of the goldfish grabbed the adf by a foot and tore it apart my father told me I was screaming lol I also always got really workedup wen something was hunted down and killed on national geographic lol sorry for the random memmory and my rambling lol.

Well thanks for doing research instead of just rushing head on into a possible disaster =}
Lol I don't mind the rambling, I am VERY guilty of that myself lol I had a traumatizing run in with animal planet when I was young if it makes you feel better lol

Originally Posted by Romad View Post
Hello and welcome the the forum. You'll find plenty of help and nice people here.

Kudos for researching how to care for your fish. Your idea sounds like a great one :)
Thank you! I'm hoping to get my tanks in the next couple of days so I can get them ready. I can't wait!

Originally Posted by Hadouken441 View Post
Get albino cory's. Cutest damn things ever and they'll keep your tank clean. From my experience dont get guppies. They nip everything. They nip my frog... they steal food and they piss off my betta. So they're gone :D
Cory's it is. How many would I need per ten gallon tank? And what about those frogs... those are so cute, do they do well with bettas?
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When I was really young, maybe 5-6, I was traumatized by an episode of Lassie. Lassie got hurt and I was crying and asking if Lassie was going to be ok. lol
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In a 10 gal with only a betta? Like 4 or 5 :D I love the albino ones. A little more money but the white is better lookin imo :D
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