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Old 02-05-2010, 10:29 PM   #21 
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I got a Eclipse 3 >.< and I have a big problem with it overheating :/ if I leave the light on for too long the temperature often rises to 85 degrees F... :S

@Unlimitedx: just so you know, sometimes the filter intake can be dangerous for your betta if the intake is too strong. Bettas aren't great swimmers because of their fancy tail, so sometimes they can hurt themselves when they have to struggle to free themselves from the intake. You can prevent that by taking a sponge and poking a hole in the middle and shoving it over the intake, I do that for all my tanks.

Although I don't know if the Eclipse 3 filter system is that strong, but I always put one there as a safety measure.

xD You'll have a happy betta either way, all my bettas like perching themselves on top of them to rest.

>.> <.< Just my 2 cents. It scared me the first time my betta got sucked up into an intake and had to desperately struggle to get away and ended up tearing his tail )': wouldn't want it to happen to anyone else..

Also your crowntail is GORGEOUS. *v*
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Old 02-06-2010, 03:57 AM   #22 
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Thanks BakaMandy :)

I'm in the process of researching plants for the betta tank. On the first day when I bought the betta, I also bought several plants by impulse based on how they look and the price. Now I realized that many of the plants will be wayyy too huge for the 3g tank--the amazon swords, the fast growing hornworts. Luckily I can trim some and put it in my other goldfish tank and oscar tank.

One question: how does one trim the plants? just nip the plant with fingernails, or submerge a pair of scissors underwater and then nip?

What sort of tiny/micro/slow growing plants are suitable for a betta tank that is 3g size? The hornwort already grew by at least one inch in all directions after one day!!
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Jeez I just got 2 yesterday for $45 each at petco. i didnt realize that it had 2 plugs so for now i only have the light plugged in so cant help with the filter part.
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unlimitedx... good plants would be java ferns, petite anubias, crypts. They're all pretty slow growing. As for pruning you can just use your nails.. I think there are special scissors you can buy but I don't see the point really.
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