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My Tank Update

Hey guys! Yes, I know I haven't been on here much. I have moved away from Betta's . Right now I still have my 5 gallon tank. Right now I have one Dalmatian Molly and 2 Male Fancy Tail Guppies. They all get along great. My other Mollies died for a unknown reason. My Power Filter is doing a great job keeping this tank clean. Right now their are brown algae on my gravel. How can I clean that without cleaning the whole tank? I have a Siphon but I haven't used it yet. Could the siphon clean that? Also, could I get an Algae cleaner to get that off? If so, What kind of Algae eater could I get since I have a 5 gallon? My 5 gallon has a heater that keeps the water at 78 degrease and I have a good working Power Filter. I also have a Tank light. My fish love my tank. I also have a cave in my tank. I am thinking about getting another fish right now. Maybe a Female Betta? How would a Female Betta get along with a Dalmatian Molly and 2 Fancy tail guppies? I am thinking about getting a Orange Platy. I do not want to breed in my tank because that can lead to a mess.
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Brown algae is diatoms. Usually you get that when your tank is new. If you have too many nutrients in the tank it can help the diatoms grow. Make sure you do water changes (around 30%) every week and siphon when you do, every time. Don't skip that step. Any food that's left over or waste in the gravel is only feeding the diatoms. You want to get rid of extra nutrients.

Don't add any more fish. Dalmation mollies can get up to 4 inches, with two guppies in there you don't have any more room. Adding fish will only make your tank unstable and more prone to diatoms, which is what you want to avoid.
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