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Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: NY State, USA

Hello, fellow betta enthusiasts! Perocore here, though you're welcome to call me Pero (nickname), or Arik.

I am a high school student (Junior year) and I'm focusing on Biology (specifically tarantula behavior/studies and herpetology- primarily reptiles). The subjects I enjoy most are mathematics (of all sorts), sciences, literature, and art. As one may guess I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, and having rather one sided conversations with my various animals.

Now onto the betta-related bits! My mom used to keep and (try to) breed bettas when she was young. While the breeding was never successful (she was just a kid), her love for bettas remained. For as long as I can remember we've always had a betta in the house. After our betta Sushi (haha) died, though, we went a couple of years without one. I'm not sure when we really got back into owning them, though my first betta was a red double tail male named Bonsai (who passed away this year at 6 years old). After I got Bonsai my sister and mom decided to get back into bettas as well. We've gone through several after a massive battle with TB (which took all of my guppies as well), we've now ended up with three bettas in the house.

Kamikaze is my fourth betta; a crowntail male (no idea for color). He's a little unusual in that his eyes are set very high on his head, which makes him look a little like a frog. The other two bettas are both my mom's, which she raised from 1/4" babies. The older one, Sparks, is a beautiful blue crowntail male, who has only just finished coming into his colors. The other is a little female named Ghost, who's still too young to be certain of her color. Right now she has a yellow base with black edges on each of her scales.

Once Ghost is all grown up we plan to try breeding her and Sparks. This time around we ought to be a little better prepared to successfully raise the babies.

Though this introduction is dragging on, I thought I'd mention my other pets. I have two female rabbits named River (4 yrs.) and Charlie (2 yrs.), three male leopard geckos named Pandemonium (15 months), Ares (15 months), and Adonis (11 months). I also have three female tarantulas of all different species named Iris (10 yrs.), Isabel (8 yrs.), and Bellicose (6 yrs.), as well as one male named Tiny (2 yrs.). Then there is Crowley, my red-eyed-white gerbil (we recently lost his brother, Magnus, to my vengeful feline). Finally, of my own personal pets, I have Fig Newton, a 4 month old Green Iguana who's a bit of a brat. My family also has horses, cats, chickens, ducks, another rabbit, and a dog.

Now that I'm sure you're all bored of hearing about me, that's it! I look forwards to getting to meet all of you and to bothering you about my betta's antics!

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Location: Western NY
Welcome!! Sounds like you live in a zoo!!
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Greetings Perocore and welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your time with us here
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Wink Welcome Warm Weathered Friend

Good evening and welcome to our betta world. Post a picture of your fish when you get the chance. We all get a big kick on how other fish owners decorate their tanks. Rusty is my fishes' name. He just loves to show off his redness when his tank light is on.

Last edited by countyrd419; 10-04-2013 at 06:01 PM. Reason: Forgot the name of my fish.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Nice to meet you and your zoo. Lol
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Location: NY State, USA
Thanks to all for the welcome! I look forwards to getting to know everyone :)
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