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the nice thing about desk lamps for small tanks is how easily the height is adjusted.moving the light 3 inches higher gives you 50% less light intensity and vice versa.
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Update Time! Hey there folks, got the tank, got a new heater since I got sick of the TopFin one (it was...too big for it and just... ugly) and bought myself a little Archea Mini Heater. Best thing I've found and it's unobtrusive and it works like a dream.

Kasper is in a quarantine tank for a bit while I set up the 2.5 with laterite and some fert-tabs. Since it is a small tank, 12" long x 6" wide X 8" high, I'm going to try a thing and do a weird slope since I need to keep the area around the filter kind of clear with an area of inert sand/gravel. I have one Crypt undulata that has miraculously survived my ineptness due to dosing with ferts. Uh, I need some suggestions for plants.

I know I want Dwarf Hairgrass (or Dwarf Baby Tears) and Red Ludwigia in there. Are there any other ideas to fill this tank out for Kasper and his snail?

I'm hesitant to get Java Moss (only because one snail is enough for me) but what about some Water Wisteria or a floater other than duckweed? I may think about finding Crystalwort instead.

So yes. Bumping my own thread for help.
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Hairgrass and HC (Dwarf Baby Tears) are going to need CO2 and moderate-high light to grow properly. Anything red is high-light.
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I would agree but, from all that I've read the more important part is nutrient-rich substrate and high-light. It can be apparently grown without a CO2-system but of course, it doesn't hurt to have it. Of course, everything thrives with CO2 but, I just don't have the time to buy one. I could do a DIY but, we'll see. It's been suggested elsewhere that better success comes from growing it emersed first to develop the root-system and I have half the batch to test that. I have a great light so... we'll see what happens.

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