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using tap water

I've set up two 'test' tanks that I don't quite know what I'm going to do with yet. I set one up a week ago, and I tested the water (my tap) at fill, 6hrs, 12hrs, 24hrs, 48hrs, 60hrs. The level changes all seemed normal and as would be expected. No chlorine, at all, ever. Then I emptied, cleaned, and refilled that tank, plus filled a second tank. Both with tap water. Added API tap water conditioner to one and Nutrafin Cycle to the other. I've been testing all their levels at regular intervals also, and both seem inhabitable and identical to each other.

Now when I do go to starting up my Betta houses again (only have two small ones right now) I'll be doing 'proper' set-up and cycling, but for now I'm playing with a few different products, methods, and seeing how I will fare with a NPT.

Once I have a mature NPT (or whatever I decide on) would it be safe to do small water changes with my tap, as long as it was tested first? My tap tests are almost IDENTICAL to tests from Fry's 6mo old tank and Hart's cycled/stable tank, as well as both of my 'test' tanks. The only difference at all is the PH. Fry & Hart's water is 'very soft-soft' while my tap is 'medium-hard', and the PH is probably the least important part of the tests.
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Numbers really tell us water geeks a lot.
Ammonia ppm tapwater? Nitrate ppm, tapwater? pH? GH/KH, (hardness)? What test equipment are you using?
Also, what size tanks? Substrate? Filters? Heaters? Temperature?

Cool. Where'd you get the Fry and Hart info? I'm sure F&H read nitrate in their cycled tank. Do you?

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Location: Oklahoma
These are from this morning...

Tap tank 1 (API tap water conditioner): PH 7.3, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrites 0ppm, Nitrates 12, GH 9, Alk 9
Tap tank 2 (Nutrafin cycle): PH 7.6, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrites 0ppm, Nitrates 14, GH 8, Alk 9

Hart's tank: PH 7.1, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrites 0ppm, Nitrates 23, GH 4, Alk 8
Fry's tank: PH 7.3, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrites 0ppm, Nitrates 25, GH 4, Alk 9

The 'test' tanks I'm playing with are bare bottom, no plants/decor/life. Fry & Hart's tanks have gravel substrate for now and they each have 1 Anubias, a piece of wood, and a small terracotta pot. All 4 have a Tetra submersible heater & Marina l25 internal heater. Temps this morning were 78 in Fry & Hart's tank. I keep a small floor space heater in their room at night so their temp doesn't drop. In my play tanks the temps have been 78 all day but 76 during the nights, which is what they were when I did tests this morning.

I have different heaters and filters coming in the mail, before winter sets in & I start trying an NPT.

Cycling is still going on in the 10gals, but like I said, when I filled a coffee mug straight from my tap and tested that along with Hart's water the tests were identical except the hardness and slightly the PH, so that's why I wondered if tap could be used for water changes. Not on my boys now! But if I had a successful NPT in say, 4mo and was doing 25% water changes once a month or so, could my tap be used as long as it was tested first?
Right now I'm using 'special' store bought water for them. It's expensive, especially for Fry when he was younger, but can't have them sick :)

Oh, and except my heaters & filters, all my equipment is API.

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